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What do you require to travel to another world while leaning against a lamp post at the start of a storm? A bolt of lightning striking that very pole.
Yep. That happened. It was a sunny day with no expectations of a storm.
Mother Nature: 1.5 million
Forecasters: 0

Anyway, seems that I didn't die? And on top of that, I'm now in the body of a model I built recently and show up somewhere where two ponies seem to move the sun and moon!? Talk about being speechless after that spectacle.

Anyway, I doubt there is any way to get home. So I might as well see if I can protect this new world. I mean, I am living here now.

(Warning: Will involve violence, possible dark humor, and other suggestive moments. Enter at your own risk)

I do not own the original art pieces used for the cover. The vector of Wing Zero Custom (besides a little change to the eyes) is from Gundam SD Generation Cross Rays. Background used was done by MintyRoot. Link following: https://www.deviantart.com/mintyroot/art/Photoshop-2016-09-25-21-23-01-636806318

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Would you be surprised if I said it was your story that inspired me to write this? 😅

Ironic that it was your story that inspired me to do my own twist. Excluding the merchant and replacing him with natural elements to transport the main character was a twist I felt would be good though. Don't want to make it seem I'm taking yours word for word, because I am still aiming to do this as my own unique story. Still, yours was the inspiration for it. Thanks, and I hope you are not upset.

Okay. I am looking forward to your next chapter also. Interesting how you've gotten so far as it sounds like Mika will be a babysitter and guardian. If you want, what if we do a chapter involving each of our fanfics meeting? It is a massive multiverse, after all.

Maybe you could do the first one. I don't really feel confident in trying to do other authors characters.

I can understand. We could also do our own points of view in our stories. Though first I will be needing to get to around the time you are at.

I can be patient. I'm currently in episode 1. Maybe the crossover stuff can happen during a time skip.

Sounds like a plan. Looking forward to the idea also. Again, keep up the amazing work like you've done so far

I usually send tips in private, but this is common, and I think this could help other writers as well.

She would sigh, but look to me with sadness.
"Is something amiss, Luna? Sir Zero?" She would ask, clearly unaware of what we are looking at.
Celestia would shake her head.
Celestia would look to me, pleading eyes.

This is a common but very minor issue seen by writers who speak English as a second language. To say "she would walk to the table." doesn't mean that she did. It means that it "could happen". It's like saying "she might walk to the table", or "she could walk to the table."

She would sigh, but look to me with sadness. .... She sighed and looked to me in sadness
"Is something amiss, Luna? Sir Zero?" She would ask .... Sir Zero?" She asked
Celestia would shake her head. .... Celestia shook her head
Celestia would look to me, pleading eyes .... Celestia looked to me

Again, this is a fun read, and I'm looking forward to more. Keep up the great work.

"I understand killin’ but I sure as hell don't understand you sheltered bastards.” -ThePhoton

Glad you're enjoying it so far. Hope you like the future chapters as well as they come along.

I appreciate the tips. I do sometimes do make mistakes in grammar, so having tips like this helps. I'll probably add these changes right away.

Awww man! Since there was Angel in the title, I was hoping it'd be a. Alitalia Battle Angel fic :applejackunsure:

Pretty good 9 outta 10. Keep up the good work.

That is my promise. The Zero Promise it's like a reference to game theory if you know the ending of it

Ah. I didn't realize I made a video game reference. 😅

Can't wait for more.

Using vectors and already existing background art, I put it together on an app. Though I did alter the eyes a little on the vector of the Wing Zero. I just fixed to make it known so I'm not labeled as a thief. Hate when I'm no artist and don't have the funds for an expensive background or art, then when I simply use some bits and pieces I'm suddenly called a thief...

Working on it as I've been dealing with a lot of stress and so on irl. If you or anyone else has suggestions, let me know.

You could try the gundam and mecha group.

While the ponies that shared a squad with Bright Heart approached and congratulated him, I noticed several of the other teams seem to give resentful or glares of jealousy. Even though I knew trouble would come to Bright Heart and his squad now, I could tell by looking that they'd handle anything.

Like 3rd squad from CGS?

If you're meaning the security company that became Tekkaden in IBO, I'd guess so. Just rolling with what comes to mind. 😅

No, but if you look back to chapter 1, there is an AI system that has Lacus Clyne's voice.

game theory is not a video game but a youtube channel
sorry if this came of angry but i don't know how to really type kind words

edit: changed the a into an u
Edit 2: correcting my spelling.

Is this gonna get updated?

Sorry for the long hiatus. I just haven't had much motivation to write lately, plus irl issues. I have just updated it, so I hope the new chapter is to your liking.

An update finally. Looks like it went from a few days sleep to a 1000 years or more.

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