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I'm just here writing this super long Halo fic. And I've got no upload schedule.


For the last 26 years, humanity has been fighting a losing battle with an alien collective known as the Covenant. Fleeing a battle, one UNSC ship stumbles upon the planet Equis and makes a discovery that may just change the outcome for the better. As the Covenant closes in on victory, humans and Equestrians must form a tentative alliance in order to survive the onslaught of aliens bent on their total destruction.

NOTE: Equestria is anthropomorphic in this story

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God damnit Ackerson. Looking forward to seeing Cadance react to Halsey and Keyes seeing each other again, since she's the princess of love

Didn't key's die before his ship was destroyed on the Halo Ring shortly after the Fall of Reach?

This is set in 2551, one year before the fall of reach and the events of the halo trilogy, so he is still alive

Besides the ponies being human and twilight doing something so stupid as running into the everfree all alone to find an mysterious ship, this is good.👍

What's next.
A fight between humans and ponies or a fight between ponies and the covenant

The ponies are facing insurrection and the covenant is poking around the neighborhood, so a bit of both.

Probably both, it’s the beginning of the Damn human-covenant war all over again. Terrorist insurrections, invading covenant, mass militarization. Only difference is that there is the pony-human alliance

F:yay: ONI, Stop destableising the alliance you just got.

And secondly:
Why are the names of someponys switching ever now and again? Its fucking confusing!

The name switching is an editing mistake. I'm trying to catch as many as I can. If they show up, let me know and I'll fix it.

NOTE: Equestria is anthropomorphic in this story

But, doesn't the anthro tag make that obvious?

“The Covenant is a collective of alien species looking to spread their religion and control across the entire galaxy. Twenty-six years ago, they offered humanity the chance to join. We said no.”

Um fairly sure the Covenant just attacked them, they didn't ask them to join.

If I remember Contact Harvest correctly, there was a short period of time where the two we're going to fight. Then the prophets figured out they were Reclaimers and that their religion depended on humans being wiped out and things went to hell. It's been a while since I read that, though, so maybe I'm wrong.

I'm just making sure lol. Sometimes people don't read the tags

Maybe it was in one of the books, never read them. Although, to the average soldier that part about talking about joining probably would never have reached them since they original group was killed

Actually, Sergeant Johnson was there for that part, and saw the original meeting - Contact Harvest is written from his perspective.

Great chapter! Xd
But who is Tara? And why did the group come out of the forest next to raritys boutique when her shop is nowhere next to it? Wouldn't it have made more sense if they just walked thru town to reach it, or heck even turn a street corner leading to it?

The naming mistakes are an editing problem. I went back, found the problems, and fixed them. As for the forest coming out by the boutique ... well my mental map of the town is a little fuzzy- I'm not one hundred percent sure of everything's location. Things might get changed around if I remember things incorrectly.

Will the next chapter be the attack

You bet. And it's close to 5,000 words

I get wanting to give twilight an important accomplishment, but it would have been a breeze geting that spartan back, what with all the small ships like pelicans and such would have easily picked him up, as for being lost in space, all Spartans have and can activate a short range locator beacon in thier suits, short being within the solar system.
Not patronizing you, just giving useful criticism.
Good chapter otherwise.👍

So is the covenant ship a Corvette or a cruiser? It was said 2 different times this chapter.
Also, if it's a Corvette then whatever warships the unsc has stationed over equis should be enough to take it out, even of it's only a handful of frigates. If it's a cruiser however then it would make much more sense in why thier so hesitant to engage it.

Nah I understand, and I appreciate it! You've given good criticism so far. I know anyone with a horn could've done, and they know that. It's just that Twilight was the one there who did it, so credit where credit is due. There's also precedent for Spartans being lost in space. Kurt-051 was lost under similar circumstances, but later picked up by ONI. James-005 was also lost in space, but that was during the Fall of Reach so that could also be why no one could be spared to look for him.

True enough, it Can happen, just not very likely. Xd

I went through and couldn't find where I called it a cruiser, but maybe that's just me. It's definitely a Corvette. I suppose I'm not necessary sure of the advantage/disadvantage between UNSC and Covenant ships, but I know that even one can pose a significant threat because of their advanced weapons, shields, and technology.

But covenant Corvette's dont have shields.

Look near the bottom.

“If the city has indeed fallen,” Princess Celestia said. “Then he is most certainly in danger.” She turned her attention to SPARTAN-029. “Joshua – you and your team shall remain here and guard both myself, my sister, and the Elements. When the time comes, you shall take our forces to the Covenant cruiser above us and destroy it. Until then, you will remain with me.”

Wait, are you sure? I double-checked the wiki and according to Halopedia, Heavy-class Corvettes like the Ardent Prayer (the one from Reach) have energy shields.

But in all 3 cases when playing halo reach, when a Corvette was hit or destroyed was there Any sign of a shield?
Perhaps THAT particular Corvette has a shield, being called heavy and all, I dont know.

Getting intense! Awesome update.

Awesome story I used to love playing the 1999 demo game through halo 5.

I see at least 3 errors present, but theyre minor and can be glossed over or corrected.

Was this story slightly different originally?

Ah yes Lord Hood

I call him 'Lord Craggy' since the graphical remake

I see some of those small errors, name inconsistency, designation inconsistency, otherwise your fine

Yes, things were a little different originally. I have a rough timeline laid out concerning major events in the story/Halo universe, but as I actually write and edit, things change overtime and apparently stuff slips through the cracks.

And now we deal with the remnants of the shipmasters' forces but my inner Halo nerd tells me something big is coming

hmmm ...

Well, we are about to enter the last year of the war...

This is a good Halo fic. It has great Spartan action, good Covenant enemies and lots of guns and plasma weapons.

It however almost completely sidelined the Equestrians, what they are and what they could do.

With a few exceptions, primarily the Twilight showcase of magic and later the talk about magic and spells used in conjunction with technology, the Equestrians might as well not be there.

The whole fight in the Crystal Empire read more like an insurgency in any Halo planet than something happening in Equestria.

For example:
If you have Unicorns have them use shields or telekinesis. Make their powers relevant and an addition to the fight.
If you have Pegassi, have them be a high mobility shock squadron, that can operate even in small environments.
If you have Earth ponies, have them use very heavy weapons and carry them with little effort. Or move large objects to create cover with strength rivaling or exceeding Spartans.

The Excelsior is supposed to be an Equestrian made ship with UNSC engineering, enhanced with Equestrian magic. Show us that enhancement and how it helps the UNSC fight the Covenant.

Really wasting the potential of Ponies and other species, having them behave simply like strange green marines than unique races with unique capabilities that they can bring to the fight.

we are? huh I got the impression we were somewhere in the middle of the war

You're totally right. I'll try to keep that in mind for later bits. Sometimes in all my planning I forget that combining universes creates different rules and opportunities. I appreciate the feedback!

Oof almost all the equestrians are dead.

I have a question.

What about the other creatures of equestria. Are they going to be part of the war.

I only have one problem with this chapter. Spartans don't die, they go M.I.A.

I have a rough idea for that sort of thing, but I don't wanna try and juggle too much at once. Too many subplots will bog down the narrative, but yes, I have plans for some other creatures to be involved. (Hint-hint: next chapter)

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