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Assorted Clop

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I'm doing what I can! Getting my Stella mojo back slowly but surely!

Ya'll got any more of them Stella chapters??

I better get some massive feels! I have a brand new box of tissues ready

It’s 8K words in so far lol. Longer than I expected it to be, so hopefully it’ll be worth it when it finally drops

Day 171: still no sign of tending flowers, the men are starting to lose hope, our last charge was a catastrophic failure. I’m not sure how much longer we can hold out.

you should do a applejack then rarity then mix it up with many mare in romance and sex for spike

Oh really now? Well if it’s more stories from you I’m sure they’ll be fantastic! We’re all looking forward to them. Take your time To make sure you give us the quality we know and love you for! See you back at the front soon!derpicdn.net/img/download/2018/6/15/1758396__safe_artist-colon-corevaluesart_nurse+redheart_american_brodie+helmet_clothes_earth+pony_helmet_medic_pony_smiling_solo_trench_trench+warfare_.png

Definitely a few more days. Inspiration struck for a whole host of other things and I needed to keep the flow going. Not gonna make any promises but we'll see when this comes out. Hopefully soon...

Oh!! I didn’t realize you were doing clop lol. Estimate on release?

Ayyy in workin' on it! Clip scenes are delicate! :rainbowlaugh:

Tell me, fellow NatSoc, what is your favorite way to kill a Commie?

Mine is fire.

I assume my good sir, that you’ve seen the documentary: they shall not grow old yes?

Np, I am not really into rereading fanfics. But I am eager to see what is in "Ghosts of Harmony"!

Whoops I just saw this!

Ghosts of Harmony is still waiting on the cover art which is pretty complex. Equis 1 remaster is a bit on the backburner at the moment unfortunately

Hey, how is the "Metroid Prime : Equis 2"'s reboot coming? Not asking for a date here, just the current situation.

permission to do a blog post on how much i love The Barcast? PLEASE!!!

German Empire, Octavia, and yams.

It's a dream come true.

I'm actually impressed that something like this exists

  • Viewing 441 - 460 of 460
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