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Assorted Clop

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I've been reading your stories for a very long time and just now realized I hadn't followed you
So that has been fixed
Thanks for all the stories and have yourself a wonderful New Year

Oh. Okay. Hey, if you had to pick between 1 of the following options for a crossover, which would you pick?

Kingdom Hearts x My Little Pony x Pokémon (takes place in Zeusdemigod131's "A New World, A New Way" universe and after Kingdom Hearts 3)


Hot Wheels Acceleracers x Zelda: Twilight Princess (takes place after Zant attacks Link and Midna after the Water Temple and after the Water Realm)

It’s already there. Just not up to date

Would it be alright if I can post Metroid: Equus on www.fanfiction.net? I will give you all credit.

Hey thanks man—I really appreciate the words, but I’m happier they managed to bring at least half a smile to your face!

  • Viewing 538 - 542 of 542
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