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Assorted Clop

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Hi, is "Metroid Equis"' sequel still planned?

Oh I honestly wish it was that easy lmao :rainbowlaugh:

Methinks Stella, Sveta, and the Royal sisters may have to use the Sticks of Motivation on you if your getting a bad case of the Laziness. It's been known to help quickly remedy that.:trollestia:

Possibly this weekend! This is a very delicate chapter that needs to go just right to have the impact I want it to, so I’m taking a bit of extra time with it (as well as being really lazy this past month lol). Still working on it though!

So when shall your fans and fellow followers be graced with a new chapter of Stella if I may ask?:pinkiesmile:

Check your mature content filter. Looks like it reset for me too. Check it back on, that should do the trick

:( not sure what gives but mbfl and mbfs were removed from my favs and I can't search for them. Was going to reread them and now I can't find em !

Is the new chapter dropping this weekend or the next one?

LOL it's all Regenfall's photos! haha

But yeah, don't think I haven't thought of how to incorporate Kaiserin clop... somehow... maybe... It would have to be some like "Tending Flowers" type of story

That one made it to Derpibooru. I think the Kaiserin belongs on Derpi too if that's okay with g-haze. It may be incomplete but who cares!

There needs to be clop for Kaiserin. I'm going to read through this story and see if the Muse will get off her ass and make it happen.

Edit: There's G-Haze stuff on derpi. I'm gonna do it!

Hey there! Unfortunately, this picture was never able to be finished, so it remained as black and white (it was originally supposed to be colored which would've been awesome). As a result, it didn't get a proper link to the artist's DA because he didn't publish it.

If you like, I would suggest that you embed the picture into your blog (use an image hosting site like postimage.org or something) and link to his DA for the artist--link here: https://www.deviantart.com/g-haze

And just link to my page or one of the stories for OC purposes. Will that work for you? If so, go absolutely crazy! I'd like to see this blog of yours :D

Do you have a source/link for the picture of the Kaiserin? The black/white one where she's wearing the pony crown/pickelhaube. I wish to write a blog where I link to it so that my followers can bask in her Teutonic glory.


... Stella's a thestral isn't she?

She'd probably go batshit insane. Pun completely intended :rainbowlaugh:

  • Viewing 508 - 527 of 527
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