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Auf Wiedersehen, fuckboi

Assorted Clop

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I'd love that, actually! Sounds like a plan! Go crazy!

no need to worry about that, the reason why i wanted to use 'er as the guard is her personality fits perfectly with what i was looking for. that and having read almost all the stories she's in so i've got a somewhat good grasp on keeping her true to how you wrote her character. I'll also hit you with a link to the story once i've got the first chapter done if your interested.

Full permission granted! Thanks for asking! Just don't drastically alter her character TOO much :raritywink:

Got a Question, A story I'm currently working on needs a guard character of a certain calibre. Was wanting to know if i have permission to use Stella to fill that role.

Cheers mate.

Thanks for the great stories.

Probably at some point when my inspiration stops being a shit lel

Any chance that we'll get some more of Pony Stella's story? Not to be rude, but I really prefer Ponies over Anthro (and her berating her peers).
Regardless, thanks for your work!

preußen gloria intensifies

"Wh...what in the shitload of fuck is this shite??

...I'll take 20"

Flam, Flam Whiskey-Meme Fan here what is the Stella opinion on Scottish-American pride Whisky Tide Pods?

Hey, When are you gonna update Metroid Equis Duality?

It's not called Kaliningrad.
It's called Konigsberg.
And it's rightfully German soil.

Can u help get this out

A user named Holy has posted a Suicide Note. If anyone has any information as to her wearabouts, please go to Estee's page here and render aid.

Please your own blogs to relay this. We have to crisscross the site. Please also post this in as many groups as possible. Do not reply on this page, go to Estee's page (linked here once again) to make sure the information is conveyed as efficiently as possible.

Thank you for your assistance, please feel free to copy/paste this as much as possible

  • Viewing 483 - 502 of 502
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