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Roasting Bolsheviks in the streets; writing pretty ponies in the sheets.

Readings and OC Usage

If you wish to use Stella for any of your stories, just ask me through PM and I'll say 'yes' 99% of the time. My only request is that you write her IN CHARACTER and don't make any unnecessary changes to her, such as giving her a penis or something.

All readings are welcome for any of my stories, just ask me first and, like above, I'll probably say 'yes.'

Spike x _____________ Humanized Clopshots

Main Projects

  • Metroid Equis A meteor impacts the nation of Equestria, Planet Equis. Tranquility is quickly snuffed out when a poison begins to spread violently. The Princesses cannot combat this unknown threat, as no knowledge of it exists. Help comes from an unexpected source. by Flammenwerfer 269,117 words · 24,596 views · 1,353 likes · 55 dislikes
  • Metroid Equis II: Duality Two and a half years after Samus' successful mission to Equis, the Hunter is reunited with her companions. The circumstances of their reunion, and what they find hidden on the planet, threaten the very place that she now calls home... by Flammenwerfer 81,003 words · 2,530 views · 286 likes · 20 dislikes

Various Oneshots/Short Stories

  • The Flower Mare One day, the Crusaders happen upon Ponyville’s newest, specialty flower vendor: a young mare from Alemaneia named Schneeblume. They think she’s hiding something. Turns out she is, though not in a way they expected at all. by Flammenwerfer 11,314 words · 1,898 views · 239 likes · 9 dislikes
  • Parallels Paul Werner—a Colonel in the German Army—was deposited in a world vastly different than the one he was forced to leave in 1943. To him, that's the best part. Unfortunately, parallels of his past world refuse to die. One of them, is named Aryanne. by Flammenwerfer 13,507 words · 4,203 views · 555 likes · 38 dislikes

OC: Stella Sabre

"The best drinking game is to quit whingin' about and just drink the whole fuckin' bottle, you cunt."

By Pusspuss


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I think the best part of you is that your cheeky profile picture fits your personality

Must disagree Sudoku and shitting are better together. That is my opinion and mother's opinion is fact.

More like a well deserved game of Sudoku after committing to a good shit

And yes, I assumed your daily habits.

You seem like the person to commit to a good game of sudoku, while taking a nice well deserved shit. Correct me if I am wrong.

You may be right, but at first I thought they stole or modify their own Aurora Unit (apparently corrupted) as its new main source of phazon and planet Phaaze, so yes all phazon is dead, but is it? And now the assumption has come to that. And it is one other being that may cause by the making of Mertoid Prime 4, and you know who has a grudge against Samus and the Federation.

Remember Sylux?

Yeah, he appeared in Hunters, but why? So far I know that he appeared in only Metroid Prime games, but his way of vengence took toll of his determination of ending Samus and the Federation. He appeared in Metroid Prime 3 in the special ending that he followed Samus off to space, then Metroid Prime Federation Force (Which I've never played by hearing bad vibes about this game... But watched gameplay,... not too bad acctually.), he infiltrated the Federation Vault, stole, and hatched the metroid egg.

I know it's not phazon based but, Sylux seems to be a connection to why and how. Phazon is dead, but what about Sylux?

Maybe an attempt by the Space Pirates to replicate Phazon? They have a massive stockpile of research as a result of studying it for all three Prime games. And considering their dabblings in it, I wouldn't be surprised in the least.

While I agree that we will never likely see Phazon again, no one said that it has to be a part of the Prime series

That's also the point; it's cannon that Phaaze was a living, breathing organism. Hence, why when Samus destroyed the controlling aurora unit and destroyed her, Phaaze collapsed and died, which killed all the other living phazon around the universe.

So again, unless they're rectifying canon, they can't really hope to stay that portion in the normal timeline. Either way, if they rewrite some stuff, we'll just have to live with it. I'll be a lot more pleased if they manage to not retcon anything though!


You may be right, but during that trailer the blue clouds are phazon, and is drifting accros space after planet Phaze exploded, and the remains are spreading, looking for planets to polute their new source.

Another theory in mind, I think Phaze was not just a planet, but alive in the same time. The reason why phazon is still alive. Like how Dark Samus was later revived in the special ending in Metroid Prime 2 Echoes. I think I see some connection!:pinkiegasp:

How tho?

Phazon as a substance died once Phaaze was destroyed. That's the issue I take. Unless they're rectifying canon

Remember, some pirates are still shipping phazon accross the system, and still unknown to the federation. This may not be true, but it's a theory. They are also using the remains to repolute phazon whenever those greedy Space Pirates can, but hey I'll give you this idea though.

One more thing,.... AND ANOTHER METROID GAME!!! And it looks like it's after Fusion!

And who knows, maybe at the end of Metroid: Duality, she goes back on duty after ten years exactly. (Game wise)

Hype as fuck. My question is how though? Phaaze was destroyed. Hmmm

Dude! Did you see Nintendo E3? That Metroid Prime 4 game is coming! OH BOY!:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Oi, Flammenwerfer, is it alright if I could mention Stella Sabre in my one book Fallout: Equestria - The Gates to Hell?

I haven't even read your stories yet, but I'm following because of your profile. You are a very funny person!

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