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This is fiction. But it is based...


After Planet Aether has been brought to peace and stabilized, Samus Aran doesn't get much rest when she's sent to reconnoiter a nameless planet on the edge of Galactic Federation space. Ostensibly, she was supposed to determine the size of a Space Pirate operation that was mining Phazon on this planet... and mark the place for a quick strike by Federation forces if it came down to it.

But when things become much more complicated beyond what her mission brief had stated, she may find that her fate and those of some unlikely allies may be intertwined. The battle that rages on the ground in a fight for survival and duty may have Samus questioning herself when a new front in an undeclared, nameless war is opened... in her mind.

-This is in no way related to Metroid Equis. No required reading, no relation, nothing. Pretend it does not exist.
-Takes place between Metroid Prime 2 and Metroid Prime 3. Metroid Timeline can be found here.
-Art by Pridark, sourced to her DA. Full picture is there.
-Story assumes very basic knowledge of Metroid universe, but I'll be doing my damndest to make this as accessible as possible.

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so will she and the tree of harmony meet at some point?:unsuresweetie:

I had forgotten how awful trying to find out when anything is happening in the Metroid timeline is. Also, daily reminder that at least a garbage fire gives off heat and slightly toxic fumes, Other M doesn't even do that.

So we have officially killed the other metroid story got it taking it off my stuff and no longer hoping for an update


I always love to see Metroid content. Good luck on this, Flamm.

I'm still holding out for new chapters to Metroid Equis 2.
But i will follow this cuz it looks interesting.

Awe yeah. Seeing you again on a Metroid story just brought a smile to my face.

A Metroid crossover? Hell yeah. Be reading this soon.

AH YEAH! SOME METROID STORY CONTENT FROM FLAMMENWERFER! While its not related to Metroid Equis, I'll read it as its been awhile since I've found any Metroid crossover stories.


Off to an interesting start. Samus lucked into finding the impact crater near instantly, and should have access to it fairly soon. But...corrupted unicorns. Had a feeling the space pirate and crate were hit by magical blasts, and the unicorns seems to point towards that as well. Thought maybe the medallion was just a bit, but if the soldier has them as part of their armor then perhaps not. I quite liked the beginning as well. It's a funny thought that the reason we get tutorials at the beginning of every Prime game is that Samus accidentally keeps activating it.

And then Samus noticed the two mouths , one right on top of the other, where the mandible of the top mouth formed the maxilla of the bottom. The top one had flat teeth as she would expect of a horse… the bottom…


Noice!! For some reason.. I want to see some Space Pirates being good cuz there is at least one odd ball in each race out there. Can wait for more and to see more scan data. I love scanning everything in the Prime games.

Oof. Looks like they weren't as lucky as in your first stories. The first two Prime craters were decades old by the time they were found, so this one's probably been cooking for a long time.

Well, you got me interested. Very rare to see a story that is so similar (specially when done by the same author) but executed in a way so different that it still feels original.

You sir, are a very good writer.

Not the usual context for this clip, but this has been in the oven long enough that it still applies:

wtf happened to Equestria? I'm somewhat familiar with Metroid but only the names of important characters and factions like Space pirate and Samus but that's about as far as my knowledge goes

Okay, so it looks like the Space Pirates are basically being murdered by corrupted ponies, along with some probably corrupted Equestrian wildlife. Sucks to be them, I guess. Following this for sure!

An orphaned little girl who should’ve died on Zebes with her colony was suddenly thrust to uphold a mantle—an image she could not hope to aspire to in her wildest dreams.

I hate to be the nit-picker, but the colony was on K-2L. Samus moved to Zebes after her parents died.

Absolutely NOT a nit-picker, that is 100% fact and I'm ashamed I mixed the two up, considering I knew that and have buried myself in the lore for years! Fixed that right now. Thanks so much!!!!

Not that she would have forgotten—she had a habit of scanning anything and everything of interest around her.

I found this a bit fun actually; learning the lore.


[Material analysis complete. Recorded to Logbook.]

I can hear this.

God, I hope there’s no Ing equivalent…

You and me both.


Overall on first impressions? I am amazed at just how much I know of Metroid lore. Just goes to prove that I scan and read a lot.
You have done a really good job of making the atmosphere. There were times the games felt lonely, and plenty of times it was creepy and scary.
You can expect a follow from me, good author.


It sure looks like a different take on the Metroid cross over so far. Very interested to see how it goes

I'm curious to see how the Main 6 are faring in this.


Do you mean forward, or foreword?



Time to nuke the planet from orbit. Only way to be sure.

Wouldn't you like to know :raritywink:

KEK. Yeah, which is why I included the timeline to help explain that the order the games came out is not the true timeline. Nintendo never made this easy to understand either for non-fanboys/gals. And IMHO Other M could've been so great... but for now, it only serves to link Super Metroid with Fusion. No more, no less.

Yeah Equis II is likely not going to receive any more updates.


Thanks man! Great to have you along for the ride! I look forward to your thoughts with great interest!

There likely won't be any more for Equis II, and personally I think that story should've never existed in hindsight lol, so I apologize if you are holding out... though I wouldn't recommend it. This story is supposed to be a replacement of sorts for the Equis story... in a way... sort of... maybe...

Hahaha well then I hope I can continue delivering!

Awww yissss

Nice to see you over here! Been enjoying your commentary on the Equis duology. This is supposed to be a 'better' version of it, as those stories are like, five years at least out of style with my writing lol. Glad to have you, man! Thanks so much!

Nice thoughts! Pretty much spot on for now... though I'm curious to see what you think as the chapters continue

Gotta get that Metroid feel somehow ;)

The scan data is a must for these stories--I don't think I can consider it a metroid game without any scan data. Unless it's based on a side scroller... but even then, it feels like such a story would be... lacking.

Seems to be the case so far. This story will have it's moments, but I'm really trying to return to the 'gritty' feel of the Prime games, so this one will be a lot darker, methinks.

You are much too kind! Just trying to give this fandom the crossovers it deserves. Thanks so much! Glad to have you along again!

Hey!!! Glad to have you back! Hope I can continue to keep you interested for another round :pinkiehappy:. And that's exactly how I felt after finishing and publishing this FINALLY

Exactly why I included the timeline (and probably some other resources down the line). Want this as accessible as possible. Also happy to answer any general questions about the lore! As for Equestria... well, I guess we'll just have to see what happened!

Awesome to have you around! Can't wait for your input in further chapters! And that's pretty much what seems to be happening so far, though I'm sure Samus will find out more specifics soon enough.

Thanks so much!! Glad I was able to pique your interest enough to join this wild ride. And I'll definitely be looking forward to your commentary and thoughts as the chapters progress. You and me both: scanning was honestly one of the best things of the Prime games, and probably took up at least a third of my playtime just, reading and scouring the logbook.

As am I lmao. Thank you! I await your thoughts in future chapters :)

Heh, you and me both, man. Welcome back to the party!

And so it shall be!

Hey there! Glad to have you around again! I certainly hope this'll be good... maybe... lol. Thanks!

The latter--that's embarrassing. Fixed it. Thanks so much!

LOL where would the fun in that be ;)

Oh your the original author of the Equis Metroid story. Definitely can’t wait to see how this goes because so far I feel like our little pony world is gone from just reading the first chapters...

Hopefully some survived :raritycry:

But… what am I even looking for?

She knows subconsciously that many, many years ago she was a pony world war 1 analogue with a missing hoof and a human fetish.


I mean...

Carry on?

No doubt pal. That's the most fun is just scanning and reading different lore bits

I also wonder what timeline it was in Equestria's side when the situation derailed (Before Twilight's ascension? After the Sisters' retirement?) and how much time passed until Samus' arrival.


As always, Samus is late to the party.

I don’t think she was late rather they didn’t know till it was to late. Like the planet was off the grid for one so they didn’t know till the radiation ratings went up high enough for the Galactic Federation notice to tell Samus.

Do you plan a schedule of like once a week or random updates

God, that image of that monster is creepy as fuck. You've given me chills with that. I will be eagerly looking forward to seeing samus take these things down. Also, any kind of update schedule in place? I know everyone's gonna devour new chapters, much like those beasts are devouring that phazon.


I'm referring to how Samus always arrives at a planet after whatever big disaster has already taken place.

10614386 10614377
Every time I try to get a schedule in place, my body and mind are like "well, now I don't wanna write anymore!" So, I take it as 'when the drivel spews, it spews.' I'm trying to make 2021 be the year that I don't take a month per chapter, so we'll see how that goes. Trying to let my creativity be more unhinged.

"Remember, give yourself permission to write garbage. You can edit a shitty page, but you can't edit a blank page."

Welp, she isn’t going to know a threat is about to face a planet unless she gets warn about it. It’s really how the story of Metroid is :twilightblush: a big disaster happens and Samus comes flying down to save the day.

I believe the Metroid lore mention something like Samus being this Hero who comes down to save the world when there’s disaster. :trixieshiftright:

That’s alright take your time.

Yoooooo new Flammen Metroid fic, let's fucking gooooooo! Can't wait to see where this one goes!


I need more, MOAR!

Intriguing, but the prose is a bit too purple for one of the most iconic orange characters in video games, especially when contrasted against Samus's much more colloquial diction. Also, you may be overdoing it on carrying over game mechanics from the Prime series. Otherwise, we hit uncomfortable questions like "How does the Scan Visor know what's worth investigating?" To say nothing of a crowbarred-in tutorial that even Samus felt was unnecessary.

But yeah, tone down the grandiose narration and excessive use of video game concepts that don't work well in uninteractive fiction and you've got a winner. Looking forward to seeing where you go with this.

She could feel her pupils shrinking.


[Advanced Diagnostic Tutorial initiated.]

We all know this pain.

The prose is a valid criticism, and I do enjoy a more poetic style of writing, but I'll take a second look in following chapters.

The game mechanics are 100% intentional though, and add an extra charm of nostalgia to it, for me at least, so I'm gonna remain uncompromising on that front. While it does lead to those questions of 'how,' the game itself raises those questions as well, so I find it's little different in overlooking

Thank you for your thoughts, though!

Pretend it does not exist.
I refuse.

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