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Greetings from Venezuela, I don't expect to do much here, I just got a few stories in my head and wanted write them here, I hope you like them.

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  • 1 week
    Opinion: We Know Who Lost The Elections

    The title comes from a video done by the journalist, and former Miss Venezuela professor on speech, José Rafael Briceño released on December 6th of 2015, the sunday where the Venezuelans elected the opposition by 2/3 to rule the congress after over a decade of chavista rule. On this video, released before the results could come in, he pointed out a series of problems that surfaced through the election campaign that were useful to know which parties lost by principle.

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  • 2 weeks
    If you worry that I may run out of legends to write for every Halloween

    Don't worry, I use Venezuelan ghost and I have plenty to write about, just a sample

    And this isn't even counting the fact that I have a dictionary for Venezuelan ghost (with two ghost in that dictionary being planned to be written on the future) so the "Legends of" series will be alive for quite a while.

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  • 2 weeks
    Opinion: The Yellow Liberalism and the Death of a Party

    It's October 23rd of 1899, Cipriano Castro has taken control of Venezuela with his Liberal Restorative Revolution against Ignacio Andrade's government. The president came to power by winning the 1897 elections in the name of the Liberal Party under accusations of fraud and voting manipulation with the help of the then president Joaquin Crespo, who also manipulated the primaries in the Liberal party by persecuting and even exiling (such is the case for the general Francisco Tosta García) other

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  • 2 weeks
    For Those who want to get spooked

    Here I introduce you my most recent horror fic, ready to give you something to get spooked. I hope you like it since I don't usually write this, especially when this story got rushed.

    TThe Legend of the Hanged Pony
    When a couple decides to go on a journey for a vacation, they pass by a town with a resident that will give them a receiving that's out of this world.
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  • 7 weeks
    Update: Twilight and her friends are starting their journey into other hives

    Come here and see how other hives function as the Fractured Unity develops even more. Now, if you excuse me, I'm going to write a new Halloween/Horror fic.

    EThe Fractured Unity
    Come around and see the mixture of two stories. One were ponies start meeting changelings through the lenses of six ponies now, turned changelings, and another one of queens facing the changing of history through their eyes.
    Time Reaper · 56k words  ·  17  5 · 592 views
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  • 10 weeks
    Update: The Redemption of a Never Ending Ambition has a new chapter and you can see Chrysalis fighting a never before seen enemy

    Prepare yourselves as Queen Chrysalis fight a creature that she has never seen before, a fight that may have been over hyped by myself and I hope you enjoy what you see as well as guess where will this story goes from here on out.

    EThe Redemption of a Never Ending Ambition
    One day, Twilight found a new type of gem that she has never seen before and brought it to her library. Spike is a dragon that eats gems and the gem Twilight brought has awoken feelings that he haven't felt in a while.
    Time Reaper · 20k words  ·  36  3 · 931 views
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  • 10 weeks
    Update: The cogs are turning as the changeling world is revealed in The Fractured Unity

    Come here and see what is going on in the background as Twilight tries to figure out how the Changeling world works as she is slowly becoming a part of it. Please feel free to comment in there and tell me what you think of it.

    EThe Fractured Unity
    Come around and see the mixture of two stories. One were ponies start meeting changelings through the lenses of six ponies now, turned changelings, and another one of queens facing the changing of history through their eyes.
    Time Reaper · 56k words  ·  17  5 · 592 views

    And now, if you excuse me, I have an anime crossover to update.

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  • 12 weeks
    Update: A New Chapter of The Fractured Unity has been Made

    Come a read how Twilight and the other ponies have to know their new queen as well as see what kind of life they will now be subjected to live into. I have also reread some of the old chapters and changed some small things so you can watch those if you are curious of what I changed. Anyways, enjoy.

    EThe Fractured Unity
    Come around and see the mixture of two stories. One were ponies start meeting changelings through the lenses of six ponies now, turned changelings, and another one of queens facing the changing of history through their eyes.
    Time Reaper · 56k words  ·  17  5 · 592 views
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  • 12 weeks
    Opinion: So today August 21st: Protest, A Shaky Parliament and an Earthquake

    Now, for those who need to know, last Friday, Maduro announced a series of economic decisions (like anchoring our economy to an illegal coin and raising taxes) and the opposition decided to capitalize on this (knowing that the population would dislike it) by calling for the 21st of August to be a General Strike as a form of protest (nobody leaves their homes) and I was wondering if the population would accept, after all, the regime said that any business that complied with the call would be

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  • 13 weeks
    My New Story: Twilight is in a game but she can interact with the player

    As you heard, my new story consist in Twilight being trapped in a game and being able to interact with the human player, now why? That's the reason I recommend you to read the story. Please tell me your opinions on the comments so I can tell what to improve soon. It took me so much to write this because the more I dived into it, the more I realized how much I had to make this work, I really hope you like this guys.

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Thank you. It took me a while to think on the stats and other details before the writing could begin.

Also, if you love the Legacy of Kain series, I can recommend you this other story I'm writing:

TLegacy of Kain: Harmony's Rise
Raziel has accepted his fate in the Soul Reaver, bringing a chance for the restoration of Nosgoth and the defeat of The Elder God. But the Elder God, not accepting defeat so easily, has decided to escape to a new realm and Raziel will give him chase.
Time Reaper · 113k words  ·  51  4 · 969 views

Awesome profile pic dude, love the Kain series.

Also, your my little game story is a very interesting idea. Mlp as a jrpg. Very cool.

Well, glad there are folks interested. Yippee.

Cuz I’m easy... easy like Sunday morning...


And I'd do it all again and again


Well, I saw your profile and I got curious for your story idea. So I'll be waiting.

Thanks for watching me. Um, mind if I ask why?

You need to know... I love you so...


You are the sun, you are the rain, that makes my life this foolish game

You are the sun, you are the rain... that makes my life this perfect game.

My favorite part so far is when spike ate the gem and icant wait to see what will happen next


Nah, I don't care. Whatever happens in my future is something I will deal with when it happens.

2601888 50 years from now, you'll lie in your death bed, and you'll have your eureka moment, "Oh, crap. I've been wrong about this all my life. Why didn't I think of this before?"

Don't you find your future tragic? If only you could figure it out now, and be free of the life of lies. But you won't do that. You'll keep on living as you lived thus far. It's what you know, it's what you're familiar with. You hope it's the truth, but you don't go out of your way to prove your views wrong. What if you succeeded? Your whole world would turn upside down. Better not poke too much, or you might find something that shatters your comfy bubble. It's obvious what you have to do. Focus on what you know, devote all your energy to it, and the world outside of that will pass by unnoticed. Whatever you do, don't look beyond. Narrowing your view along with confirmation bias is the only way to preserve the worldview you nurtured over the years. If you ask too many questions, all you've built in your life will be for naught.

Do you ever stop and think, "What if I'm wrong?"


I could say the same.

Nice to see a fellow Soul Reaver fan.


Oh, no, my apologies for the confusion. I'm using this picture because the group I administrate decided to go with this for October. Granted, I am a Star Wars fan but I have no content to provide there, which is why I haven't joined there.

Could talk about Star Wars if you want though.

  • Viewing 89 - 108 of 108
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