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Welcome to the Global Support Group! With all of the attacks, bombings, poverty, droughts and so much more going on, there are many people who are suffering. This group is dedicated to supporting those who are victims of global problems. Please click on and read through all of the below links:

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This group has been co-founded by The Authority Cop and EstrellaEssentia. Administrators include RainbowDashX12345, Shadowstorm7, Passions Star.

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before anyone asks us that they want to be a administrator! please go to this to apply! thank you

408413 can I add myself on the list

408412 awesome tell us if there's a bully or you can take care of it. :raritywink:
add yourselfs to the administrator list on the front.

408409 thank you. I'm Shadowstorm7 many people know me as the not so famous brony lets player of Shadow Storm I am a nice kind geeky guy who while has temper issues only come out when facing bullies and someone insults my friends and I'm known as King of the geeks

408410 your welcome! you can also introduce yourself.

your both in! congratulations!

i would like being an admin as well

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