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The authority cop is my best friend.

His parents recently disowned him because he is a brony, they called him gay and told him to get out of the house asap. He isn't even 16 yet.

We need to join this group and try to bring a smile to his face, make him happy and just show him how many people love him!

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What for Celestia's sake is happening with you people?

authority says his family is letting him stay now, everything is back as it should be and doctor who memes are flooding my blogs

I will always support you guys, always..

408607 thank you for being here it means a lot!

408612 yeah, it's so sad! :(

This situation saddens me:ajsleepy:

I, whatever my name is support the authority cop and your group, I don't think I belong here though :fluttercry: you are all worth it...

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