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Tired of of the typical HiE where advanced nations encounter Equestria with their drones, satellites, smart phones, and aircraft carriers capable of reducing entire nations to rubble within a day?

Well this is the group for you!

Instead of hight tech portals opening gate ways to Equestria, why not have an animist voodoo priest open one with an incantation? Instead of sending US marine #56892 to Equestria via nuclear bomb, why not send an RPF soldier to Equestria via pressure cooker bomb? Rather then sending in a Brony to Equestria, why not send over an Indian child who made MLP:FIM toys for 5 cents an hour? Instead of sending in a soldier of democracy, why not send in a soldier from the Royal Saudi Land Force to advocate religious monarchy?

Nations with clean drinking water in Equestria

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I didnt know logos can be like that

Welp my bad:twilightsheepish:

343253 San Marino isn't a developing country. :ajbemused: It's rather wealthy, actually.

North Korea?
San Marino?

Not really sick of burly white men killing ponies (my MC is white, although he is part of a space empire so nationality is not much of a factor) but I do believe that every nation deserves a time to shine.

Plus seeing a third world country decimate eqestria would be hilarious. It's true, even the worst human nation beats the ponies hands down.

How bout an ancient nation?

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