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The legal illegal. Sorta alcoholic, sorta idiotic, sorta but not really melancholic.

Eh? What do you want?

Work in life, and you'll love life.


Thanks to Failoe for this!

Fanart of my stuff

Great fanart of OCs, and other stuff people have made for me!

Made by Silfoe. Pretty much my sona, it's based off another drawing of my selfie ponified.

Forgot who made this, as this was an email commission but with personal emails. He's so chubby!

Drinking Coronas in a Wine Glass

Welcome to my profile!

I’m Kuairu (there’s a way you must pronounce it, but I don’t really care, you just call me Ku or Kuai). I’m a Paraguayan kid who tries to stay positive in a world that always wants to be miserable. For that, I write stories that make you smile or feel emotion. Usually.

This is me: I have story ideas on a whim, my life is slightly dangerous/hazardous because that's my luck, my life is more exciting than others because of that luck, and I’m stubborn enough to get myself into fights but shy enough to stay away from most drama that doesn’t involve me. Usually when I’m in a fight, I still get my ass kicked.

So that’s me. Living life in the day, rushing through responsibilities at night, and Paraguay and Ponies all day every day.

See you around!


I'm up, I'm up, I'm fucked up but I'm up · 3:46pm August 17th

I haven't watched the show in literal years. I'd bet some of you can say that too.

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Hey man thanks for the fave! Means a lot <3:twilightsmile:

Thank you for the fave.

Heh...you watched Ask Teen Chrysalis too, huh?:trixieshiftright:

I like your non-cannon ships, especially the spike ones. (I'm a big dragon fan)

  • Viewing 144 - 148 of 148
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