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The legal illegal. Sorta alcoholic, sorta idiotic, sorta but not really melancholic.


My name is Celestia. And for the past few or however many years, I have been studying a member of a civilization that should not exist in my dimension.

This civilization holds control over time and space, using its citizens to live through different simulations in different universes. Among different timelines.

Their very nature is unfathomable. Their ultimate goal is catastrophic. I intended to destroy it, and to do that, I needed to get inside the heads of one of them.

My name is Celestia. At least, I believed it was before all of this began.

Art cover source from Quiet Victories.

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There's lots of ways you can express love to someone. Kisses, hugs, smiles, and the list goes on.

For one group of changelings committed to their own hive, their way of receiving love is with petting. Heavy petting.

Too bad Ponyville wasn't prepared.

A fluff story inspired by the cover and a dumb idea within a discord server. Feels nice publishing something again.

Thanks to Carapace for quick editing!

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Principal Celestia runs herself ragged each day working for Canterlot High's administration. She devoted her career to education, but a day off would be most welcome.

Tonight, a blizzard is brewing, but that and other worries fall from Celestia's mind as she spends the night in a log cabin, snuggling up to her lover in front of a fire-place.

I was bored and wanted to read a Principal Celestia romance fic. Couldn't find a good one, so I made one myself.

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Celestia... I know that you can't hear me. I know that you have passed.

But in my heart, you're still alive. Everything I remember about you keeps you alive.

But... I am already starting to forget.

I only have a few words. But I wish to say them.

Thanks a lot to Eagle - Paladin of Shadows, Dorei, and Kalash93 for pre-reading!

Cover art credit to Sv37.

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Having to stay at Butterscotch's house while renovators fix her house (or at least try to fix it), Eris finds with time that she has growing feelings for the, compared to her, young pegasus. It doesn't help that she's not the only one vying for the attention of the Element of Kindness.

As a being who has lived through many an age of Equestria, can the draconequus figure out how to mix her chaotic nature with the laid-back and peaceful nature of Butterscotch?

An Eris x Butterscotch story! Because there are like, only one or two stories about Eris and Butterscotch, really...

Picture is from here.

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Twilight, while enjoying a good book in a nice blanket while a blizzard rages outside, suddenly finds herself the recipient of a very strange and off-putting text message from her friend Rainbow Dash.

She's not sure how to respond to such a... "forward" message.

A little silly winter fic. Cover pic from here.

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Rarity has a little secret.

She keeps a creature up in her room, and likes to use him to relieve her stress after a long day at work. The creature doesn't seem to mind his role, and he even enjoys it sometimes.

Then, Celestia comes in, demanding that the creature be given to her.

A fun little story about scratching and indulging yourself in muscles.

Edited by Eagle and 0050005!

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Princess Cadence is concerned about her marriage. She knew that Shining Armor and Luna were good friends with each other, due to how accepting he was of her when she had come back from the moon. When Celestia and Luna come to visit their grandniece Flurry Heart in the Crystal Empire, Cadence sees something between Luna and Shining using her powers as the princess of love. Scared that her marriage may be in jeopardy, she ponders and worries about how Shining and Luna really see each other.

Art credit to Nancyksu

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A sudden declaration of war by the Ottocolt Empire sent the relatively peaceful nation of Equestria into a state of panic, until the empire rescinded their declaration on the grounds that the crown stops all trade with Saddle Arabia, a nation that they were currently at war with as well. Needing answers, Celestia sends Princess Luna to the Great Desert, Rainbow Dash somehow finding her way to the night princess's side later on.

The duo soon learn that the Ottocolt Empire had made friends with other empires, and were set to take over and annihilate the Saddle Arabians with the most sophisticated and biggest war machine ever known in history. Not willing to let innocents be slaughtered, Luna decides to fight against the mighty Ottocolt Empire despite the odds.

This is a story of betrayal, loyalty, and glory. This is the story of the fall of an empire, and the rise of a legend of the desert. This is the story of Luna of Saddle Arabia.

Luna vector credit to vectorpone.

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Death. Loss. Defeat. This is what Saddle Arabia felt after the Ottocolt Empire began their war against them, using terrifying modern weapons. While many feel despair, there are some that feel hope after the arrival of one mare from far away.

She is from the land of Equestria. She controls the stars, and has been in many wars all throughout time. She believes in a united Saddle Arabia, and fights the evil Ottocolts to protect the innocent ponies of the unforgiving and harsh desert lands.

She is the Princess of Equestria: Luna, otherwise known as P.E. Luna. To the desert, however, she is known as Luna of Arabia.

Something of a test oneshot, to see if people like this idea. If you like the idea of Luna kicking flank and saving the day, let me know in the comments!

I have now started the main story. Check it out here!

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