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I'm just a brony that enjoys writing fics, loves PMVs, likes drawing pones, also an aspiring artist- Nah, jk fam none of that s***... well, maybe the drawing part is true

About me

Not a brony, but I can be friendly. I'm from Puerto Rico, little island in the middle of the Caribbean.

I currently manufacture tools and parts for any type of industrial equipment and machinery, and also work with airframes (aircraft structures) from time to time. And now a mechanical engineering student.

I'm weird enough to enjoy reading, writing mlp fics and draw ponies as one of my passtimes. But I keep that on the low, nobody needs to know IRL.

Also I'm a car freak, specially love the old JDM cars (like Datsun) and enjoy listening to Trap music, EDM and Heavy Metal. (but I'm not limited to does genre of music).

Latest Stories

Top Favorites

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Thank you so much for the follow

Thank U, man! It's just a mere hobby of mine but its nice to hear that.

U R a talented writer, man!

The cover art on your stories is brilliant, you're very talented! You could by all right be selling art of that quality.

Good stuff man.


Thank U for those kind words, man! I try to give some luv to my fics.

Feel free to do it, I'd appreciate it.

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