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I'm just a brony that enjoys writing fics, likes drawing pones, an aspiring artist-- Nah, none of that ... Well, maybe I like drawing ponies... https://www.deviantart.com/mr-minati

Some of my hand drawings

Cool art for me

About me

Not a brony, but I can be friendly. I'm from Puerto Rico, a little island in the middle of the Caribbean.

I currently manufacture tools and parts for any type of industrial equipment and machinery, and also work with airframes (aircraft structures) from time to time. And now a mechanical engineering student.

I somehow found enjoyment in reading, writing mlp fics and draw ponies as one of my pass times. But I keep that on the low, nobody needs to know IRL.

Also I'm a car enthusiast, specially love the old JDM cars (like 70's Datsun), and enjoy listening to Trap music, EDM and a good variety of Rock. (but I'm not limited to does genre of music).

My DA is mr-minati

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