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When the guards find a foal crying in the city streets, they bring him to Celestia's attention. Soon after, It becomes apparent he has fallen through every crack in Equestria's society. Feeling she has failed the colt, Celestia takes him into her own home.

Special thanks to my editors: ersmiller and Rinnaul and to my comrades in crazy ideas Exelzior and BionicBrony.

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This fic is unbelievably adorable, and at the same time has places and places to go. Clover behaving so much older than he is raises one of my eyebrows.

I don't normally fave a story right away ever since the bookshelves were implemented - normally it goes to 'Tracking' - but yours really deserves it. Please, write more of this if you can.

Hadn't had a chance to read it over again yet, between working retail during the holidays and getting ready for my brother-in-law to visit, but I'll be sure to catch up as soon as I get the time.

This is perfect. Now I remember why I follow you, you wonderful writer.

Adorable story...
I think I want more!!:pinkiehappy:

Motherly Luna is a wonderful mental image. Not to mention a fantastic idea for a Tumblr ask blog. :scootangel:

The colt seems to have intelligence some of the time but he acts like a typical foal the rest of the time. :scootangel:

Clover certainly is a quick learner. :scootangel:

Now this is cute, Celestia always is being the best mother to any innocent foals.:twilightsmile:

I wouldn't be surprised if Clover said "Mama" to Celestia as his first word.

Other than that, it gives readers such as myself a sense of happiness knowing what good things can come for taking care of a good little child.

: )

“Princess Platinum’s foals were a bunch of little $#!ts.”:rainbowlaugh:
"Little Traitor.":rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

Those two things just made me laugh tonight. You just never know whether little children can be a bunch of spoiled brats.:trollestia:

Tee hee. This was cute~ :scootangel:

Hmm.. This foal sort of sounds like a ponified young human child

More on the way! Expect updates every other day for a while.

That cold isn't the age he seems to be... at least mentally. His actions are way too controlled to be coming from a foal. I suspect some good backstory!

I'm aww-ed, both because i'm really curious about Clover's background, and because i love reading mommy-lestia. It's such a change from tyannic/psychotic/other. And it's so cute. I don't see people writing enough momlestia :c

5405976 or a child isolated from all contact with others :fluttershysad:

i really like this story hope to read more soon

5407470 then Check out my Flare of The Twilight

5409821 Real classy, advertising your work on someone else's story. :ajbemused:

5410375 i was answering a question thank you very much. If people did it on my i don't mind. This story has my interest and i won't take anything away from it.

5410414 Just because you like/don't like something doesn't mean that other people automatically like/don't like it.

5410427 it is for them to decide. I answered a question as simple as that. you are the one making an issue out of it.


I answered a question as simple as that.

I'm aww-ed, both because i'm really curious about Clover's background, and because i love reading mommy-lestia. It's such a change from tyannic/psychotic/other. And it's so cute. I don't see people writing enough momlestia :c

Where in here do you see a question mark? He simply made a statement saying that he liked this type of stories. You saw a cheap opportunity to whore your less popular work on a more popular author's story. Knighty recently made a nifty little feature called the Similar Stories box that's under the author's name, story count, blog post count, and follower count box so that people wouldn't have to resort to doing things like this.

you are the one making an issue out of it.

I never said I wasn't making an issue out of it.

5410511 the fact you keep pointing it up yes. notice I haven't seen this stories author complain. just you. so just drop the issue.

5410529 He hasn't been online for nearly two hours at the time of this comment though. How can he say something if he's not here?

Minor grumble: one collects bodily fluids in a "vial," whether or not they be vile.

Still, this is a fascinating setup.

Good catch sir.

Awesome story. Can't wait to read more about what happened to little clover :twilightsmile:

Hmmm. Abandoned changeling, maybe?

As a personal pet peeve I'll bring up:

"...not to leave till I have spoken with with them."

Till means to turn soil before planting crops. The short form of until is 'til.

I'm just waiting for the Human Tag, this is looking like one. If it is I'm off this story.

5406011 my gosh, that would nearly kill me with d'awws! Do it anyway though:pinkiecrazy:

And now I have to wait...

This is just a beautiful story so far. Very well done man! Keep it up!! :twilightsmile:

When I started reading this I have no idea why but Clover the Clever went through my head... But she mentioned Twilight and her friends.

5406983 I concur to that concurtion (is that a word?)

Motherly Luna needs more attention... *GASP* WITH FOAL TRIXIE, IT'S PERFECT!!.

5413379 but from the update patterns and length of chapter it probably won't be for long.

5413558 I hope so, I only found this story today.

5413471 I bets that's where Celestia got the name. Wish the chapters were longer.

I think Clover may just be a human... not sure though but it would make sense wouldn't it?

I was thinking the same thing :pinkiegasp:

Okay calling it now clover is a human adult turned pony foal. Think about it he is terrified of ponies because he has never seen them before. He doesn’t understand what magic was, nor did he know what the different pony tribes were. He is speaking a different language (English?). He doesn’t have any parents trying to claim him and considering the non-existent crime rate in Equestria we have a high probity he isn't from Equestria. Also he knew meditation and what coffee was. It would make sense that he would know what coffee was if he was a human because it excites on Earth. He didn't recognize the restroom because it is different from human restrooms. Lastly do you remember when Celestia mentioned he seemed uncomfortable walking, or scared of it? If he was formally bipedal it would make sense that he would be uncomfortable walking on all fours. Anyway I am only mentioning a few things but when you look at the story as a whole thinking that clover is actually a human adult that has been turned into a pony foal the story still makes sense in a way that makes it seems like a huge coiensediens or that is what clover is.

It’s just a theory, a game pony fanfiction theory!:ajsmug:

Glad as heck to know its not just me... though I am really, REALLY good at predicting plots. I think the author may have just exculded the human tag because the twist would be WAY to obvious otherwise.

As sad as this should be, it is really awesome on it´s own. I mean i really like it, it is more cute than sad.

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