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When a six year old human boy is transported to Equestria by accident, he will need a home. Everyone needs shelter, protection and love to live a happy life, but who could love a predator from another world? Luckily for young Chris, somepony steps up to the plate.

Cover art by akumamattata Deviant Art
Re-imagined by Hunterhd1
Edited by Dream Seeker
Read by Leonexus Random

Chapters (59)
Comments ( 3786 )

humans super strong and flesh rendering super predator? :rainbowlaugh: what just cause we eat meat along with those veggies? wow ponies don't know what make a real monster or predator that well do they?
im guessing the some pony to take care of are male is fluttershy it always the shy or princesses why not derpy or Trixie? heck even gilda! give a shock please?

this looks strikingly fimilar...

4062080 I know its been done, but I wanted to do my own vrsion. Besides, everything's been done.

4062439 well, great job so far.

..No character tags?

I really like this story so far:pinkiehappy:

This has the makings of something great. :pinkiehappy:

This looks like it will be interesting, but the entire thing just seems too improbable. Celestia somehow managing to keep the fact that she has an alien son a secret for 14 years and the mane six minus Twilight attacking him on sight both seem unlikely (unless he did something to provoke them or convince them that he's a threat. Sure, they can be xenophobic racists, but I think this might be a bit much), but I think the most improbable part is that this guy apparently showed up in Ponyville without Twilight or Celestia there to introduce him. I hope you'll give some explanation for how that happened, because it just really doesn't make much sense without one.

Can't wait for the next chapter!

4066800 Don't worry, this is just the introduction. Everything will be explained, from his training to the ponies fears. I just need to finish my other story first. :raritywink:

4067192 This is a pretty good intro. I'll be looking further into your works if you can produce something like this.

Rainbow attacking? Maybe.
Applejack? Possible.
Rarity? Bit of a stretch.
Pinkie Pie? Dont make laugh.
Fluttershy just sitting there? Too OOC for its own good.

I also agree with others here. It seems rather odd that he managed to get to Ponyville on his own without help from Twilight or the princess. I hope you dont try to make it that only ponies in Canterlot know because it would be a big stretch to believe that his presents, let alone his relasion with the princess, wouldnt be widely known. Also Twilight never told her friends about him?

I will follow this fic with caution. But Lucy, you got some splainin to do!

4076113 I promise, everything will be explained.:scootangel:

That is adorable...:yay:

4112637 Already working on it.:twilightsmile:

4112658 :yay: to the max!

Will he meet characters like Gilda, Iron Will, Gustav LeGrand or Rover?

4112793 While I don't know who Rover is, have already written in a certain prince that we all know and loathe.:raritywink:

4112981 Sweet :rainbowlaugh:

Rover is the leader of the diamond dogs BTW

4112793 Rover? I've never heard of him.:twilightblush:

Can't wait for the next chapter, great work.

Look forward to more! :pinkiehappy:
Will Luna be making an appearance in the story? :rainbowhuh: I was sort of confused in that middle part.

I like it. I want more^^

More. That is all

More please!
I especially want to see Celestia rip RD and AJ a new one! That'll be funny as hell!

Surprised that Pinkie decided to go for lethal force with an encounter with a monster.:pinkiegasp:

Granted she did it in the most comical way possible:pinkiehappy:, but those candy shards would've hit like rock salt.

sucks to be blueballs.
tia is best mother.

:trollestia: best mother 2014


Such a tasteful victory...

4123999 And the next 300 years^^

This is awesome as per the norm for this fic, hope you keep updating at this speed, this is really, really good :yay:

I like it I saw one mistakes I simply crawled under the guards when they tried to block my bath. u mean path :rainbowlaugh: but I found that funny

4124400 Thanx for letting me know.:derpytongue2:

Pre-read comment: 95th like. :twilightsmile: Also congrats on having such an original idea. Everyone else has done adult or teenage humans in Equestria, but you did a small human boy who has no idea about the bad things in Equestria. :yay:

And that children, is the story about ''how Blueblood got blueballs''...

You sir, are AWSOME! Sucks to be Blueblood, but on a side note this story really reminds me of Tales of Prince Onyx if you haven't heard of it you should give it a read, you can kind of think of it as a longer (first post was in 2012) darker version of this story, but the only really thing these two have in common is the "human prince" thing going on and a though other points.

4125084 I have read it, it's excellent. It is also the main reason Philamena hasn't shown up yet. She will though, soon I hope.

4125178 Personally I can't wait for him to meet Luna

4125191 I have that interaction planned already. I can't wait myself.:scootangel:

I'm the 100th like? The author should have a mini-celbration, know he got 100 and will recieve more likes

it should involve a giddey jump of delight and air punches of victory!

Hizza, Hizza I say!

Blueblood hasn't read or Equestria doesn't have the A Song of Ice and Fire series, because otherwise he'd know what happens to Joffrey's like him.

4125661 Frankly, I'm just happy anyone likes it at all. Though I am jumping for joy on the inside.:pinkiehappy::twilightsmile::ajsmug::trollestia::yay::scootangel::moustache::heart::heart::heart::rainbowlaugh:

4126571 Don't be surprised if you get featured some more, this story is really good :heart:

4133829 I was featured? Awesome!:pinkiehappy:

4134037 I'm not sure if you did, I think you did, but I'm not sure, sorry :pinkiesad2:

I think it would be a very idea to get some super-rad artwork, though, considering how many views you have right now I'm pretty sure you'll be featured in no time and, when you are, you'll need some art to attract some eyeballs. :coolphoto:

4134420 Sadly, I no can draw.:applecry:

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