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I play the violin every day to make up for the fact that I wasn't smart enough to stay in College.


Should I... · 11:26pm Feb 21st, 2014

OK, So if you're reading this right now you've either followed me or favourited my story Passion of the Night. My question for you guys.

Do you think I should continue and use this fic as an a way to develop my clop writing talents with only Luna and Twi, or should I just write and publish all my ships as separate stories?

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Hey, just a random fan, well, I liked a story of yours and decided to check your profile.

I noticed no one has commented here for a while, so I just thought I'd say something, or ask. Whatever.

How's it going for you? Anything you wanna talk about, or should I just go and bother somepony else? :derpytongue2: :heart: :twilightsmile:

Hiyah! Thank you so much for the favorite on The Immortal's Burden! I'm really glad that you enjoyed it. :twilightsmile:

2104898 Too bad, hope you can find the time.

2101500 Yeah, but I never get to finish anything. I work a lot.

You still write?

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