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New story! · 4:49am Apr 14th, 2018

Yayyyy! I know that I need to post the next chapter for Surviving Hell to fin Heaven, but I thought of a story at school today and just HAD to wrote it and post it. Hope you enjoy, ponies.

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so hows it going scarlet?
you ever wanna do a story collab?

Scarlet if you need a editor id love to help im just learning but ill help for free no charge i just might be busy at times?

Luna, as always, but Raiden is great too! Cy's dance at the wedding was perfectly worded to give the right image. πŸ‘Œ Master of words, right here. (β˜žοΎŸβˆ€οΎŸ)☞ The scene where they were out for steak was hilarious. I was just waiting for them to realize she could talk. πŸ˜‚ PLEASE continue this masterpiece. It's the highlight of my day.

Got all the stories I'm gonna read in the next week, so.. ✌ Keep up the great work!

Well that's a big honor! Thank you so much! Who's your favorite character if you don't mind me asking?

Finally got caught up. Haven't read the newest chapter though, I'll get to it after I get a few more fanfics. Great work. Like, that is easily the best fanfic I've ever read. Props to you. πŸ‘Œ

  • Viewing 64 - 68 of 68
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