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Hiya! Can I know why there are so many RariPie fics in here? Someone go crazy or what?
got no problem with it either, just wondering.
Oh and love how AppleDash is the runners up for the most amount of stories::rainbowkiss::
Not for long though

Hello! I recently joined!

Excuse me, this is embarassing but I accidentaly added a TwiShy fic in the AppleDash folder... Can I remove it or you have to do it? Thanks! :twilightblush:

Could anyone here write a story about Applejack catching a really bad sneezy cold? I'd like some care-taking by any pony. :ajsmug:

Thanks!! :twilightsmile:

This pleases me greatly. I have many stories (written and planned) that will fit wonderfully into this group... :pinkiehappy:

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