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This is the place where romance fics come to roost. Those stories that capture the heart in a real way. These stories are all about healthy, caring and real romance.

Stories can be submitted to the "pending" folder to be approved and properly categorized by mods or myself.
-clop is allowed but cannot be the sole motivation in the story. (Foal-con will be universally denied)
-Stories that are saccharine (sickly-sweet), rushed, implausible, involve un-consented physical violent between partners (see above if confused), and poor execution will be denied with extreme prejudice.

Contributors of the group and admins who have the time can be asked to do a "report" of your story. It will cover several aspects of what a good romance contains, such as: pacing, encounters (dates and such), growth, plausibility (likelihood of the relationship forming from the set-up of the story), and several other aspects as well. Sound advice will accompany it to assist in balancing it out. We're here to help show what good romance is and help romance writers create a more complete story.

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This is a great idea! I'm a bit nervous to send mine in, but it's awesome that this group exists-- any group that promotes healthy romance and helps people develop as writers gets an A+ in my book

As long as you handle everything with a good level of proficiency, have no fear. If we don't pass it, you can always drop a pm my way and I can help you out. Likewise, I can send you a "report" to get you a broader review if you want.

I am currently working on a OC x Rainbow Dash fic and will hopefully post the first few chapters in the coming weeks, however internet may be a problem in working on it as I've done most of it in class, in my notebook. :3

But yes, as soon as it's typed up I'll post it.
The story and my OC Lyle draws inspiration from various games such as Mass Effect and Assassin's creed, whether or not it will contrain graphic content is anyones guess at this point, I'm comfortable writing it but I'm not sure whether I will write graphic scenes rather than just edit them out.

P.S. Lyle my OC is based off my avatar, and looks very similar. I'm looking forward to a great future with this group! ^^

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