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If Friendship is Magic, Imagine what Love could be!

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Nothing yet really:ajsleepy:

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Hi there! I think you’re a really good writer, so I’m watching you now. :pinkiehappy:

Name’s Blue, by the way. Nice to meet ya! :twilightsmile:

Your profile picture and your novel are very nice and lovely. I like them both very much.:heart:

Of course!


I treat ladies well. I be a gentleman. :moustache::raritywink:

Well, I'm happy you think so:twilightsmile:

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About Misty (Rework) · 12:10pm Dec 12th, 2021

Hi there. Happy to see you've thought to venture into my little corner of this vast fandom. Perhaps to have a look-see or for the funsies, whatever it is, glad to see you 'round.

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