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Hiya and welcome! You've stumbled across a simple, little Pegasister, writing for fun. This pegasus is a huge, huge fan of Dashie and believes that AppleDash is life! Misty's speaking, who's reading?

Look at 'em! Scootsie and Dashie, ahh! This stunning work of Scootaloo and Best Pone was done by Von-Seay

Aren't they just the most precious thing in the world of ever? Yes? Yes! Source of this adorable creation: Here

Look at that face, you know she means business, and looks awesome while doing so. This beauty was by HigglyTownHero

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3 Month Anniversary! · 5:45am Monday

Hiya Folks!

So, I'm back with it this month, and boy does this feel good!
I - as you probably have noticed - have taken a break ever since the publish of Snuggles Are For Everypony! I haven't uploaded any proper stories, chapters, updates or so on since. Mainly cause I wanted a bit of a fresh start with February as January's been a heck of a lot already. Like a lot, a lot. But moving on from that, next month I've got a few plans for things I want to get out, but before that!

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Thank you for the fun read:twilightsmile:

TYSM for adding So fluffy... to your bookshelf!


I agree with you there 100%.

Fun reads deserve awesome bookshelves to match up, y'know?:raritywink:

  • Viewing 124 - 128 of 128
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