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Applejack, the rough and tough Earthpony, unbeaten by anyone in her strength.
Rainbow Dash, the boastful and loyal Pegasus, fastest pony to grace the skies in Ponyville.
Twilight Sparkle, the organized and nerdy Unicorn, brightest pony in the field of magic.

We now have a contest going! You will find details here!

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heh i love twijack and appledash now i have both !!!!

I just realized that the Desc. still calls Twi a unicorn. :rainbowhuh:

Twilight Sparkle, the organized and nerdy Unicorn, brightest pony in the field of magic.

377012 Perhaps, like the Sacred Band of Thebes, all the Mane 6 are coupling.

This ship is my otp!!

A group for best 3 way ship? Lemme at it!

380392 You're right, why not both? I love my OTPs equally!

377012 Why not both?

Ermagosh, I can't choose between RariJackDash and AppleDashLight! Which one is better?!

I just found out about this triad when I read How I meet your Mothers.
Amazing story Btw.

this is the best ship ever how could I miss this, :ajsmug: + :rainbowhuh: + :twilightblush:

AppleDashLight is best triad!

Oh most glorious ship, where have you been all my life. :rainbowkiss:

How did I miss this for so long?:applejackconfused:

My newest fanfic will fit in well here...

Our top banner should be banned for how cute it is. Look at Applejack acting like a kitty! And no hat either.

Can... can I pet her? I thought Applejack didn't like being pet?

And Rainbow is just like, "you're my girl, Twilight. Here's a kiss."

And Twilight is all like, "Rainbow! Stop it! Stop... being cute and yourself at the same time!"


This three together is so awesome that the universe can't handle it :pinkiehappy:

I'm just a reader insted writer but I love to read fanfictions eiter romance, clopfiction or anykind of. The odd is the I'm not really like AppleDash fan or shipfictions but AppleDashLight :applejackconfused: there must be somjeting in Twi to spicing up it and make me intrested in AppleDashLight trisome.

  • Viewing 12 - 31 of 31