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Birthday! · 11:04am November 7th

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The Appledash.

  • Trial Run Rainbow Dash and Applejack are convinced that a relationship between them wouldn't work. Rarity believes otherwise. Determined to prove her wrong, Rainbow agrees to a 'three date trial' with Applejack... by UnlicensedBrony 19,940 words · 7,610 views · 586 likes · 12 dislikes
  • A Dash of Apple Applejack tries to teach Rainbow Dash how to cook. Naturally, disaster and awkwardness result. by Lycan_01 45,529 words · 8,197 views · 592 likes · 26 dislikes
  • What Would Daring Do? There are two types of ponies; those that read love stories and those who write their own... by CommissarAJ 124,433 words · 12,622 views · 868 likes · 29 dislikes
  • Chocolate Covered Grapes After an incident between Applejack and Rainbow Dash, the two are finding it hard to communicate with each other. However, a trip suggested by a friend might bring their problems to light. by Callisto 44,661 words · 4,259 views · 345 likes · 8 dislikes
  • The AppleDash Project A series of AppleDash scenes related to episodes. by bookplayer 32,044 words · 8,671 views · 611 likes · 22 dislikes

The OctaScratch

  • Allegrezza Vinyl and Octavia have some adventures. by Avensis Astari 47,565 words · 42,029 views · 3,264 likes · 58 dislikes
  • Vinyl and Octavia: University Days Vinyl Scratch and Octavia go to university. by DawnFade 71,075 words · 99,897 views · 7,529 likes · 124 dislikes
  • Playing With My Heart Four years ago Vinyl and Octavia broke up. It was messy, painful and left scars on both. Four years on, Vinyl receives news that Octavia has been in an accident and is in a coma from which she may never wake. Can she succeed where medicine failed? by ObabScribbler 91,582 words · 11,545 views · 1,335 likes · 29 dislikes
  • Two's Company, Three's a Crowd One night of fun for a certain musical pair will leave their lives upside down. by Lithe Kamitatsy 145,641 words · 33,441 views · 2,039 likes · 73 dislikes
  • My Roommate is a Vampire Silly Octavia, Vinyl's not a vampire, right? by Dennis the Menace 54,598 words · 69,361 views · 5,857 likes · 160 dislikes

The TwiDash

  • Spellbound Fireflies Rainbow Dash teaches a preteen Scootaloo how to fly, strengthening their bonds, both to each other and the ponies around them. A story about love, family, and growing up. by bats 77,162 words · 16,445 views · 1,516 likes · 26 dislikes
  • Twilight's List Twilight Sparkle must go on a date to complete her List by kits 48,653 words · 35,678 views · 3,154 likes · 59 dislikes
  • A Bluebird's Song Rainbow Dash is struggling against her own past. Is it time for her rising star to fall? by Ardensfax 205,887 words · 21,622 views · 1,841 likes · 56 dislikes
  • Building Bridges Action-and-confusion-filled fast-paced shipping, yay! by Cloudy Skies 16,016 words · 33,329 views · 1,845 likes · 46 dislikes
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Heh, thanks! I'm at the Blue Wings fic at the moment and I'm already loving it.

Ooh! Thank you for the list! This shipping is definitely one I hadn't supported before coming onto the site, but as I go through these fics I can already predict my liking to them!

Hope you enjoy!

A good author friend, Bookplayer, wrote a primer for appledash fics some years ago. It's a bit dated now but the list is still excellent, if you want to have a look: https://www.fimfiction.net/blog/167473/the-appledash-primer

AppleDash, eh? Let's see if your stories change my mind on the shipping. And by judging on how most react to them, I won't surprised if I walk out as an AppleDash fan.

I'd heard! She's totally right, of course :D

Ashleigh Ball just said that AppleDash "just makes so much sense" at the Galacon VA panel.

I thought that might possibly be relevant to your interests. :scootangel:

  • Viewing 259 - 263 of 263
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