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Signal Boost - Novel Idea could use some help! · 11:51pm February 27th

Auteur extraordinaire and good friend Novel Idea has been having some troubles. If you have the means, he could use the help. See all the details on his post.


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:twilightoops: I deny everything!


you fool

you know not what you've done

Heh, thanks! I'm at the Blue Wings fic at the moment and I'm already loving it.

Ooh! Thank you for the list! This shipping is definitely one I hadn't supported before coming onto the site, but as I go through these fics I can already predict my liking to them!

Hope you enjoy!

A good author friend, Bookplayer, wrote a primer for appledash fics some years ago. It's a bit dated now but the list is still excellent, if you want to have a look: https://www.fimfiction.net/blog/167473/the-appledash-primer

AppleDash, eh? Let's see if your stories change my mind on the shipping. And by judging on how most react to them, I won't surprised if I walk out as an AppleDash fan.

  • Viewing 261 - 265 of 265
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