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Princess Celestia has asked Twilight and Applejack to investigate an ancient artifact in the Foal Mountains. However, trouble arises, and their efforts prove to be in vain. But as an old saying goes: If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try, try, try again.

If only this wasn't messing with their wedding plans.

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Finally! I was beginning to think you'd never get around to posting this. :pinkiehappy:

Now to wait and see how many... no. I won't spoil it. :moustache:

Just from the cover I have to say: those Ancients get everywhere.

I think I'll enjoy reading this. :derpytongue2:

Even if it did take bats a few months to do so.

Considering my slow-going accounted for less than half the development time, I'd say I've got a Get Out Of Jail Free card to play on this.


Took you long enough!

~Skeeter The Lurker


Yeah, yeah they truly do, don't they?

~Skeeter The Lurker

:trollestia: Loved the Appledash tease, and it's always fun to see some Blueblood.

Tcherno has broken his appledash streak, you know what that means? He ain't an appledash overlord anymore bwahahahaha!

Whoah! I will read this at some point, but...

What the heck are those votes? D:

Honestly? Most of those are just pure haters. I got 3 of the downvotes within 2 minutes. Whoever they are can go fuck themselves. :ajbemused:

Pft. This is only temporary! I will get back to Just a coupe of ponies, and then do an appledash!

Wait, wait, wait...
Tchernobog posted a story NOT related to AppleDash?!
Oh gosh, we need to take him to the emergency room, STAT! :pinkiegasp:

Just kidding....maybe.

cvvvrt #13 · Dec 16th, 2014 · · · I ·

I was instantly reminded of Window of Opportunity when Applejack got the door in her face the first time. Poor Teal'c.

I know it's based on this episode, but it still has to be done: :trollestia:

5387259 Why don't they take their little hate, roll it sideways and-

Okay crap, I gotta go.

Screw them, tho.

Mmm, dandelion and cucumber doesn't sound that bad. Maybe with a nice garlic aioli?

This was beautiful to read. Easily one of the best series on the site!

Swan Song #18 · Dec 16th, 2014 · · 15 · III ·

5387259 If you must know, I downboated you because I despise you on principle, regardless of how talented you are as a writer.


Also, TwiJack is mega gay.


:scootangel: :heart:

Swan Song #19 · Dec 16th, 2014 · · 27 · I ·

More reasons to downvote you! You put a space in between every quote-apostrophe pair. And you use spaced hyphens instead of em dashes.

Also, TwiJack is still super gay. :pinkiehappy:

:applejackunsure:“Well, Darlin’, that sure didn’t work.”
:twilightoops: AAAH! Don't say that!
:ajbemused:Huh? Well, why not?
:twilightoops:I...I don't know. It just feels...ominous. Especially in this situation.

5389343 :rainbowlaugh: Glad someone caught that!


I've literally waited months to post this pic and Tcherno went ahead an uploaded the fic on the one day I'm not online.

This is why we can't have nice things. Oh, and also because time loops.

Cue Loop 34:
The inevitable Clop Loop (Cloop?)

5390075 Who says it didn't happen~ :trixieshiftright:

To be fair, Tcher - you've published 5 fics (At The Drop of A Hat doesn't count), and only one of them actually has AppleDash as the primary ship~

Ahem. Those are en-dashes, not hyphens. And putting spaces around them is less common, but still perfectly acceptable, style. I will admit, putting a space between apostrophes and quote marks isn't good style, but alas we are at the mercy of Fimfic's font and rendering system, so the proper solution - using advanced kerning to add a small but distinguishable separation between the characters - is not possible, and as editor I chose to go for readability over style.
And, yes, TwiJack is gay. As is AppleDash. In fact, all Mane 6 ships are gay, what with them all being female.


Gosh, this trope was done long before Stargate did it. Or did you mean the story was based off this particular episode? Because if so that's pretty cool. I loved Stargate, :twilightsmile:

That episode was pretty much the entire inspiration of the fic, yes. Obviously needed some heavy edits to make something original, but the basic idea (and some jokes) are there. But yes, I still maintain that stargate's is the best time-loop example of any show/movie/story ever :pinkiehappy:

I wonder if they discovered the wonders of weather vanes.

Quite the awesome story you have here.


I was always partial to the episode for Xena, Warrior Princess that did this trope. She gets very frustrated and kills people a few times. ^^

5390657 Can't say I ever saw that one! Haven't seen much of xena to be honest. And most of it in german about 15-20 years ago?

Ooh, I recognize that writing. This is going to be good. :)

Nice job... especially considering the references to the inspiration, which I had a good snicker at when they showed up...

5391609 I couldn't help but include some of the jokes. But I think I made enough different as well ^^;

I actually completely forgot you were writing this. I'm absolutely loving all the Stargate parallels here. You picked one of my favorite episodes, too. :D


Okay seriously, what in the blue depths of hell is so fascinating about these lesbian pairings? That and a spineless and ball-less human in the HIE fics seem to be the only damn things around. Jesus Christ man.

Romance is a popular genre of literature.
+ The show features six female protagonists who are popular in fandom.
+ Shippers care more about the character's relationships than the tabs and slots.
= Lesbian romances are popular in MLP fanfiction.

Any more questions?

Right on the point

I had an inkling as I read this. It was tickling my nostalgia sense, and literally the FIRST two sentences my brain went, "Door to face." ... OH SNAP IT'S MY FAVORITE SG-1 EPISODE!

And all I can hear is "IN THE MIDDLE OF MY BACKSWING??"

Lovely stuff.

5391921 Yeah... definetly Stargate... I loved that episode too... felt kind of sorry for doors to the face tho... :D

I just wonder ... "finally managing to talk them out of the quarantine" ...wouldn´t be easier to just ...don´t tell them?

Notices the Ancient writing on the cover...
->Hype levels rising...

Ahem. Episode 200.

Mane cast: all female. Major supporting cast: all female except for Spike, who is a child. Minor supporting cast: mostly female.
So, yeah. Most stories featuring romance will feature it between two female characters, because most of the characters we care about are female.

a) They only actually got quarantined during the first few loops. During those loops, they were still trying to work with the princesses to solve things, so not telling them what was going on would be counterproductive.
b) Avoiding telling everyone what was going on would require either avoiding the princesses, who were expecting them, in a castle full of guards, or lying to their faces that nothing odd was going on.

5393765 Screw you, ep 200 is boring and idiotic! :P


It has gotten out of hand hasn't it?

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