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What? An update? That can't be right! · 2:08pm Apr 30th, 2015

Except it is. I started having fun writing again, so I decided to finish up the chapter I left half finished from a year ago. Might keep going, might not, we'll see.

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I would watch you, but knighty messed up the mobile site pretty bad and watching functionality seems to be missing. So consider this a watch until I wake up and remember to add you. :rainbowlaugh:

510598 i.imgur.com/QcNTf.png Wait, the next update's not until-... NOOOO!!!!
i.imgur.com/dVnqE.png However, have fun in the Con!

D: I cannut excape. :ajsleepy:
Gotsta wait on the next update, though. Going to Cutie Mark Con with some friends, so prolly won't get the next chapter out 'till early June.

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