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The Mane Six have left Ponyville for the summer, each traveling to a different part of Equestria for different reasons. But a few months and a little distance can't stop their friendship!

This group will collect the letters they send back and forth, telling each other about the new places they go and new ponies they meet, comforting each other when they get lonely or homesick, and keeping the spirit of friendship alive.

Our Cast:
Twilight Sparkle (by bats)
After learning about the magic of friendship, Twilight is on a new adventure around Equestria to learn the magic of bureaucracy. Joined by Celestia, Luna, Cadence, and Shining Armor, Twilight is off to visit all corners of the country. A summer of hoof-shaking, rump-kissing, formal dinners, and stuffy speeches awaits. Despite Cadence's assurances that these tours aren't that bad, Princess Twilight Sparkle envisions a whole three months of Grand Galloping Gala-styled frustration. How a summer could be so busy and so boring at the same time is anypony's guess, but Twilight is going to try to be optimistic about it. She might even find some ways to have fun, too (she did manage to stow an interesting book or twelve in her baggage).
Applejack (by bookplayer)
Everypony knows they can count on Applejack when they need help, especially her family. So when Aunt and Uncle Orange find themselves without a manager for their orange groves, Applejack ends up in sunny Palomino Beach, a land of fancy ponies, beaches, and not an apple in sight. With a whole orange grove and a team of farmhooves to manage by herself, AJ is just hoping she can lay low, stay out of trouble, and harvest an orange crop for her aunt and uncle. Of course, there’s a chance she might find a way to have some fun.
Rainbow Dash (by Jake R)
Rainbow Dash is not afraid of a challenge. Even if that challenge is changing a culture. Las Pegasus, founded by settlers from Cloudsdale, has lost the ways of the tribe, and our cocky friend is not going to stand for it anymore. With a new job teaching flight to the local foals, Rainbow Dash is on a mission. Will she teach a new generation what it means to be a pegasus, or will it be a case of too little too late? And of course, what other trials await her in the lavish gambling capital of Equestria?
Rarity (by Steel Resolve)
Though Rarity would never in a thousand years let her creations be referred to as 'costumes,' after Fancy Pants recommended she accept an opportunity to design the costumes for a production--and asked her publicly, in front of some Very Important Ponies, no less--she had no choice but to accept. What she didn't realize was that the production was for a theatre all the way in Baltimare, and for some small, unheard-of theatre company, on top of it all. Before she quite realized what she had signed up for, Rarity found herself on a train to Baltimare for the summer, off to design costumes. Of all the worst possible things...
Note: The first few letters are written by the original Rarity (AcreuBall)
Fluttershy (by Churchy)
It may have taken a bit of coaxing to do so, but with some encouragement from her five best friends, Fluttershy finally did end up taking part in this whole vacation thing... or what seemed like one anyway. While the other ponies were off on semi-business related matters, Fluttershy knew that, truly, she could have done anything she wanted. Naturally, the fair-mannered pony chose something that was completely in her comfort zone! Whinniepeg- a place full of no surprises, no adventures, and genuine ponies like herself.

She’ll be moving into a rented cottage that, oddly enough, looks quite similar to her own back in Ponyville. There’s a lot of stuff to do in Whinniepeg and the area surrounding it! Question is, what will she do first? Spend a night on the town? Go see the glaciers up north? Or maybe she’ll just skip out on all of those frightening things and simply scope out the native wildlife. The choice is hers to make!
Pinkie Pie (by xjuggernaughtx)
Pinkie’s friends said they were going away for the summer, she didn’t realize they meant away away. She just thought they meant ‘down to Zecora’s’ or something. Suddenly, everypony was gone and Pinkie didn't have the usual spring in her step as she wandered alone through Ponyville, missing her friends terribly. Finally, after several talkative hours of following Cranky around as he ran errands, he whirled around and barked, “Pinkie, you’re friends aren’t going to be gone forever! They’ll be back in a few months! Take a hike! I’m busy!”

It was so simple that Pinkie couldn’t believe she hadn’t thought of it herself. Her friends would be coming back, and when they did, they would need a Welcome Home party. However, not just any party would do! These were her friends, after all, and they deserved the best! Taking Cranky’s advice, Pinkie is setting out on a hike. A hike that will take her around Equestria in search of the ingredients she will need to throw the greatest party Ponyville has ever seen!

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319359 Doing what I can to make up for lost time, darling. :raritywink:

>looks at letter counts
>all less than like 10
>except for TS|AJ, AJ|RD, RD|TS
>jake roberts



Carry on

Sounds like fun, I really hope that Rarity knows how much work actually goes on during stage work! (I use to do stagecraft... Its a lot.):raritydespair:

someone should include spike in this

My Little Pony: Paperwork is Magic.

315790 Oh yes, this makes sense. I just like to make a scene is all.

Guys holy cats Rarity has gone missing

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