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bats has proven time and time again that he is a no-talent hack riding on my coattails of success and using my name in his stories to pull views from my obvious superiority. He has shown to be completely incompetent to not just Twidashers, but writing in general. I've grown so sick of his obvious failures that everybody keeps hyping up to be par excellence that I have been turned off of Twidash completely.

He has spread his filth to the farthest corners of FIMFiction and spoiled this very website, and has "inspired" other potential authors to make their presence known by writing solely for a singular ship. This bias, not to mention this travesty of reason needs to be brought down, starting with bats and Twidash.

Those who agree with me, flock to his page and make his limited stay on FIMFiction that much more brief and that much more painful.

Your all too reasonable and loving lord and master, P.

This group is a joke that bats is fully aware of (if you check the member list, you'll see he's an admin here) and all attacks, many of them self-directed, are made in good fun.

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What does the group name even stand for? Bats Ate Ten "Sasauges"? Ballers Always Tolerate Socialism? By Asgard, To Sarahpalin?

322822 Hey, HEY!

That is my sub-sub-folder name, thank-you-very-much.

323123 You deserve a goddamn medal.


I love you now.

~Skeeter The Lurker


That's quite possibly the best thing ever.


That smut peddler isn't allowed anywhere near this place.

I vote bats to be the head of this group.

Well, McGee threatened to have me killed if I didn't join.

And if you don't know who McGee is, I pity your sad existence.

321855 Thank you for your loyal contribution follower. You have earned yourself your daily bread and water.



~Skeeter The Lurker

Yeah, fuck that guy!

bats is a butt.

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