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The FIMFiction Emote Extender adds nearly 400 new emotes on this site for you to use.

"emote extender is like distilled sexy." - Cryosite

Head on over to this blog post that has links to the latest stable versions of the scripts as well as installation instructions. I'll be migrating them over here eventually, but until then, the blog post will suffice.

The beta version of the script is available in this group's forums, if you're feeling adventurous.

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Indeed I will, otherwise anything I do with my scripts invariably turns up in a blog post. :twilightsmile:


Well, at whatever point you find the time to make them play nice again, please make a thread here to let us know.

I'm not sure, I haven't spoken with Krazy.

The emote script used to work with Emote extender but I dropped support when it broke. I do intend on re adding support again once Krazy releases an update.


Tried adding your script just now, but it doesn't seem to function with Krazy's beta. Any chance of a collaboration between the two of you?

You're welcom to use it. There's a link in my blog post but here is a more direct link: ~removed~

Edit: Here is a new link: linky

I've just finished updating it to make the search function much better.

The screenshots are slightly outdated.

This one shows how it looks now plus a new emoticon set:


I only found out about that script today. If I'd known that it existed I wouldn't have gone off to make my own one.

Anyway I've updated so that they can be used together.

I love that script. :heart:

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