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Writer, blogger, saucy chat mom, occasional bitch. Hablo español. She/her/ella.

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Story Collections

I have a handful of stand-alone stories that are either set in the same continuity as each other or thematically related in some way. Here are the collections:
Twilight Holmes
These stories are set in the Twilight Holmes continuity. Here they are in chronological order:
It's Elementary, My Dear Rainbow
Twilight Holmes: Sabotage After Sunset
Salting Snails
Twilight Holmes: The Mystery of Basil Bones
Heat Trilogy
A trilogy of saucy tales covering the starts of three heated relationships within the mane six.
Heat of the Moment (Twilight and Rainbow Dash)
Finding Her Smile (Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy)
pending (Applejack and Rarity)
Variety is the Spice of Life Challenge
A shipping challenge of epic proportions, which I am going to play in hard-mode: all fifteen prompts, all fifteen ships.
TwiDash: Little Wonders (Prompt: A Kiss)
AppleDash: The Great Cider Heist (Prompt: An Anniversary)
RariDash: (Prompt: A Gift)
FlutterDash: Hummingbird Heartbeat (Prompt: An Apology)
PinkieDash: (Prompt: A Game)
TwiJack: (Prompt: An Illness)
ApplePie: (Prompt: A Reunion)
RariPie: (Prompt: A Date)
Variety is the Spice of Life Challenge Extra Spicy Edition
Because I'm crazy, I'm playing on hard-mode twice. The Extra Spicy Edition is the challenge again, only for these the stories are erotica. Fifteen prompts, fifteen pairings, fifteen stories filled with ponisex.
RariDash: Tap That (Prompt: A Proposal)
TwiJack: Home Grown (Prompt: A Birth)
RariJack: Unnamed Heat Trilogy Conclusion (Prompt: A Wedding)
FlutterPie: Finding Her Smile (Prompt: A Date)

Latest Stories

Current Projects (as of 2/28/2021)

Pony Words

Coming Back
Adventure, Romance, Dark, Rainbow Dash, Twilight
Current status:
2,987 words written out of 7,969 total (chapter 6 rewrite)

Non-Pony Words

Beneath the Gilmans (working title)
Novel (OF)
Modern fantasy/paranormal horror
Current status:
90,320 words written
First Round Edits and Rewrites

Dangers in Fiction
Novel (TOH)
Romance, SoL, Mystery, Luz, Amity
Current status:
105,079 words written out of estimated 120,000 total

Current progress on ongoing projects will be updated here mostly on an ad hoc basis as things get finished/added, though current word count totals will be updated more frequently, once or twice a month when I remember to do it. Please feel free to leave comments and questions on my user page or shoot me a PM.


Happy Holidays, Have Some News and New Fanfic · 3:53am Dec 31st, 2020

Howdy folks, it’s been a while! Sorry about that, it’s been … a rough year, but I don’t need to tell anyone here that. I’ve been largely shielded from the worst of it personally, as my day job’s one that can be done remotely, so I’ve been working from home since mid-March, with no plans to be back in the office ‘til June of next year at the earliest. It’s left me cooped up and a bit down most of the time since, but overall stable and well-off compared to a lot of folks. One thing that

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Thanks. :heart: That one's probably my favorite that I've done. I do like making covers in general, as it feels like it "completes" the process of putting a story on the site for me, but I'm more proud of some covers than I am of others.


Just noticed you draw a lot your own story covers. The one for Spellbound Fireflies was very captivating. Much better than what I can pull off, anyways. So yeah! Time to read more of your stories.

ok, cool. i have a whole load of OTPs, and they all involve rainbow dash lol.

I don't really have a main, but I tend to gravitate toward ships featuring Twilight, Rainbow Dash, or Applejack, often with each other. I've written TwiDash and TwiJack more often than anything else, but I've written several other ships, too, and some poly stuff here and there. And if it isn't obvious at this point, I write almost exclusively lesbian couples.

your bio is kinda funny, what really made me chuckle the most was this...

occasional bitch


plus, you seem like a huge romance guy, i have a question for you:
What is your main OTP?

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