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Presented with the opportunity to design and paint the ad campaign for an upcoming clothing line, Rarity realizes it's been a long time since she's drawn anything aside from clothing designs. She needs some practice to knock the rust off and a live model to draw from. Rainbow Dash is the perfect pony for the job.

Now if only Rarity didn't find Rainbow's posing so provocative ...

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This. Is. Incredible.
Seal of Approval.
And i do not even like the Marshmallow.

I like this one. Maybe have a sequel where Rainbow vanishes for several days at a time and learns a little bit about dress making and helps in the creation of a dress for Rarity as a thank you for the posters. It could even be an anniversary thing.

Wow. Utterly perfect.
I don't even have the words to do it justice.

I loved it! these two don't get paired up together in stories, this has been a refreshing change. Also glad to see you are still writing.

Wow this was surprisingly good. I started reading it just to see if it was something I might want to check out later, But I ended up just finishing the whole thing.

Your characterization of Rainbow and Rarity was excellent.

Excellent, excellent...

Oh goodness. This was super cute and perfect. I'm an absolute sucker for this pairing and amazing stories like this are why.

Omg it’s bats! Wooooooooo!

Ok, outta my system. Onward to words.

Edit: Ugh. You are too talented. I need you to not. Or more. Need one of those.

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Hot dang! I knew I liked bats for a reason! Woo-hoo! That was great.

It’s like, when you go to an amusement park when you haven’t been for a long time, and you get on that first roller coaster of the day, and WHOOSH, the thrilling grip of the acceleration, whipping around the curves and over the hills, the wind riffling through your hair, the final glorious skidding halt, and you hop off and as you walk away the adrenaline rush makes you feel so alive and you think, “That was awesome; I knew I loved this; this day is going to be great!” Even if the waits in long lines and crowds of the day are inevitable and best endured with patient, mild detachment, that shining moment of exhilaration is still there. That’s the feeling I’m talking about.

And yes I was paying attention. I was impressed and pleased with the detail put into the description of Rarity’s drawing process — experience or good research!

I also always like your characterizations. You take the simple, almost cliché defining traits (“Rarity is artsy,” “Rainbow is athletic.”) and make them a deep and meaningful part of the character (Rarity intimately knows her materials and techniques, has been perfecting them for years, and has gotten rusty at the aspects she hasn’t used. RD actually can hold poses for hours and welcomes the challenge, knows her anatomy and can knowledgably critique an athlete’s form and stance).

You are also good at identifying what aspects of their natures your characters would find admirable in each other, and because of that depth of characterization, we can see that the characters have the potential for a really deep and meaningful bond. The reader can really root for the relationship.


I studied fine art in college, so it was definitely a case of experience rather than research. :raritywink:

Very nice. I like the added touch of Rainbow’s vintage collection.

This is amazing! Super adorable

This was a beautiful piece in every possible way.

The descriptions of the art process and the anatomy, along with Rarity’s concerns regarding the fashion line and the illustrations themselves, added the perfect degree of detail and character insight without detracting from the flow one iota. The characters were, well, perfectly in-character. And the dialogue was amazing.

And, you know, almost anyone else would have ended with them going to dinner. And you continued, making the story that much richer for it.

And, ah, Rarity. Always a lady. I confess, I was also taking quiet notes of her gentility while I read.

Their interactions leading up to - and following - their first kiss were also perfect. Ah, the joys of miscommunications. Fortunately, both of them were also adults, and worked through it.

And also, smart characters. Did I mention I love smart characters? I love smart characters.

And lastly, the most personal gift safely in its treasured place, where RD can see it first thing every morning.

Dash is a lady as well, for all that she might scoff at the notion.

Thank you for writing this.

Great story, very refreshing to see the two of them acting more mature and confident than in the average shipfic.


That was excellent. It's been so long since I've seen these characters handled well that I'd basically given up on it, but you have very clearly demonstrated that you still understand who they are even if most people have forgotten.

It's a long time since I read a fic that painted such vivid and detailed mental images. It was a pleasure to read. Well done!
I used to read tons of shipfics but pretty much stopped back in 2014. You just reminded me why I loved reading them so much.
Raridash might not be my OTP, but I've found that it can be one of the most fun to read – the bluntness, the teasing and then them suddenly bonding over something unexpected.

This was an incredibly romantic portrait of an equally amazing act of adoration between two friends, and then something more. Bravo!

Specially when you continued it after the date. That made it all that much more special :twilightsmile:

Heh, I'm hella glad that I came across this. Loved both the pairing and the story as a whole :twilightsmile:

Magnificent work on all levels, from the artistic concerns to the building tension to the end scene showing there's real meat to the relationship. Thank you for a fantastic read.

This was lovely.

This was really cute :raritystarry:


nearly trodding on a drawing.


I love coming back to good fics

Well that was incredibly cute and characterized perfectly to a tee. It felt like one of the most natural portrayals of Rarity's and Rainbow's dynamic I've ever read actually, and way better than the two times I attempted to do it (and if anything this makes me want to revisit them).

The detail with Rarity's artistic methods were actually really impressive, and I guess it's no surprise that you had actual experience in that department. The descriptions of what Rarity was actually doing while Rainbow held those poses were probably the best written parts of the entire story.

Anyway, this was a fantastic Raridash read! Cheers! :raritywink:

Brimming with fresh ideas, and wonderful characterizations, but that isn't surprising is it ? :rainbowlaugh:

gosh that was nice and good

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