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For those of you who appreciate the many charms of Disney's The Owl House, welcome! This is the group for you. If you've never heard of the show, I highly recommend it. Like MLP, it has great characters, humor, and heart! Be sure to follow all site rules, and have fun!

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By the looks of it, Luz is finally getting her staff in the next special.

The season 3 first special was so beautiful I couldn't keep myself from crying.

A comic everyone would love to see. Karma's harsh.

Love The Owl House and looking forward to checking out the crossovers!

Anyone wanna join me in manifesting a moment in S2B where Luz accidently calls Eda "Mom" and behold the angst that ensues from it?

Spoilers: Luz was replaced by a basilisk who took her identity to hide in the human realm after escaping from the Emperor.

why would they write letters in Luz's name? Also if you notice, in one of the letters Luz's name is mispelled crossed out and rewritten.

I assumed it was the staff at the camp writing the letters.

I personally do not consider it a piracy site since they dont upload em themselves only embed them. But i shall respect your stance.

But yeah each episode is amazing! I honestly wonder how much fanfiction we can expect shipping Luz and Amity.

Further I have to wonder how Luz will eventually explain to her mom where she's been. There is NO way her mom cannot know she's not at camp. Yes she's receiving letters from "Luz" That are apparently being written by Eda. BUT you cannot tell me the camp wouldn't call Luz's mother when Luz didn't show up and say "Hey is your daughter still coming? She has not shown up"

Anyway, wow, it's like every episode is a home run.

You probably shouldn't drop piracy site links in a public space.

I mean, I go there too, but I was going to buy the show on DVD or Blu-ray once it came out.

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Wait when did it a new episode got released

The latest episode was great.

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