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The Multiverse. It is a strange place in which there are worlds where things taste like purple and two plus two equals fish and if you divide that by three you get salmon... truly a weird place.

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Looking for a story · 6:17am September 12th

I recently saw a story listed where Twilight appointed i think applebloom as steward of the moon to take some things off her own shoulders so to speak but I cannot remember what it was called. Anyone else know it?

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Thank you so much for adding Since When Did Your Dog Become a Haytuber? to your favorites! :twilightsmile:

It pleases me that you intend to read Sweetie Belle Gains a Soul. :twilightsmile:

If you're interested in Alicorns, I also have a story about a filly Alicorn who sets out to save his fellow inmates.

TI Ain't Your Sacrifice
Despite the prospect of imminent death looming all around him, the black-and-red Alicorn Crystal pony faces his challenges head on.
Bad Dragon · 4k words  ·  135  34 · 2.7k views

I also have another story, where a dark side of being an Alicorn. Eternity can be a lonely place, you know?

TPrincess of Friendship
After Twilight’s stream of successes, she’s confident that nothing can go wrong. Is she due for a lesson?
Bad Dragon · 5.4k words  ·  267  35 · 6k views

But if you're after stories where a pony seeks to become an Alicorn and achieves it, look no further than:

EAlicorn Princess
Your memories are what makes you who you are. But what’s left of you when they are stolen?
Bad Dragon · 11k words  ·  54  16 · 1.1k views


Not sure if you saw this one but...
It's made for you !

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