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Locks key

My name is Locks key. I come from Manehatten, but moved to Utopia. All the ponies there are weird. They all have equal cutie marks.

All about me

Youtube:Dusty Moon
I'm a pegasister
I take art requests.
I would like more YouTube subscribers.
I like to draw, do digital art, and create mlp comics.
I want to learn how to make my little pony reviews in the near future.
I have taken to small animations, i.e. moving wings.
I do art requests, want to do collaborations, and I do art trades.


Welcome to my user page! I love FIMfiction and have written several other stories, but none on here yet. I am currently writing my first one, Locks key. I enjoy group founding, designing and administrating the best, but I also take interest in writing, editing, cheerleading and art design. Glance though these blogs to know more about me:
My oc
My very first story
My deviant art page


My home · 10:49pm Aug 3rd, 2017

I was born in a quiet old town, with no other near for miles. . . I was born at home and-

Jk. I was born in Florida, moved to Cali, Texas, back to Cali, and the land of the rising sun

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Currently, I am the founder/admin of three groups which have over 200 members and many other groups. I have developed efficient and effective systems for running, advertising, and designing groups. Groups I found/admin: Clover the Celver