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Birthday · 6:01am Jun 26th, 2018

well, i got some writing done, next chapter of velvet nightfall is off to the editor. Next is work on snails and gothem knights again.

My birthday today, and given how down i'm feeling i should be able to get some more writing done. On the flip side i'm officially healed from the surgery. wounds fully closed. now they are doing ct scans and trying to decide if i need another surgery. LOL.

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I'm JUST getting back to form. since i had the surgery last year i've been down alot, turns out i have severe sleep apnia. My blood o2 levels drop and my breathing slows and stops when i sleep since the surgery. Always fun.

Just a post to say how much I love your work... and how scared I am I haven’t seen a post sense this one.

send more words.... hiatus bad .

Kitsy is here to kick butt and chew bubblegum. And Kitsy is all out of gum.

happy birthday , get well soon and enjoy this slap with a large herring !:pinkiecrazy:

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