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This story is a sequel to Shuttlepod Down

Viernak Rhok, Midnight Station. Known throughout the Delta Quadrant as where sentients go to die. Few who see it ever live to talk about it, and for those forced to work there, even the thought of escape is a sentence to the deepest part of the mines. Their masters seek slaves to work, to toil and dig. Slaves, like the crew of the USS Voyager. Abducted, their hope lies with the few remaining residents of the ship. Can the youngest crew members of the Voyager find Captain Janeway and the rest? And if they do, can they find a way to get them back home.

As is quite regular, story concept and characterizations have one wonderful source, KITSY-CHAN!!!

Thanks to my pre-readers Harts Fire, Kitsy-Chan and a few bronies I know that are not on fimfic, but still read and are huge Star Trek fans like the author is.

Hope you all enjoy!

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I can't really comment on the chapter as a per-reader, other than to say the readers are going to have several surprises heading there way.
this is a grate story in the works.

So, the Midnight Station? It seems like Twilight had watched her share of G1. :pinkiecrazy:

So much Star Trek...

Tracking beacon activated.

Huh? Why does Twilight recognize the name Midnight Station?

Spoilers. :) you'll find out in the next part coming up.

Why isn't there a Tirek tag?


Because the character Tirek isn't in the story.

Now we're getting somewhere.

Um, slight e. rror here. One of them, Naomi I think, mentions using WW2 aces for flying the shuttles. Problem is, every adult hologram was taken, so they won't have any WW2 aces in the database. I hate to say it, but you're going to need ponies to pilot those craft. As long as their programs have a constant link to Voyagers computer then they should survive even if their shuttle is destroyed. There is a chance of data corruption though.

Also, I'm fairly certain that they have successfully transported more than 50 people at once before. I doubt it would take hours to transport 500 people. A half hour maybe, but several hours? I could be wrong though.

awesome chapter. :scootangel:

Twilight is hoping that programs with a narrow focus like such pilots would not have been taken, more on that in the next chapter. And in a combat situation, being stuck with shields down for even half an hour could be disastrous. This needs to be a precision strike, planned by a bunch of ponies, three borg children, and Naomi Wildman.

8741422 Oh yes, I know half an hour would still be way too long, but it's more likely than the several hour estimate made in the chapter.

aww come on a cliffhanger really.:pinkiehappy:

Comment posted by harts fire deleted Mar 3rd, 2018

Feels like an actual Star trek episode! This may not importnant, but I think if Dinky would be aware of Sparkler’s actions, that she would be proud of her big sister, dwanting to help, given how proactive she’s deployed in most stories.

Just wanted to mention it.:twilightsheepish:


You can't leave it there

Evil, Your EVIL!

The Monk

hey Sparky, good job with the end there. as a fan of both Star Trek Voyager and MLP youve done great, especially writing space combat which is difficult to do. good job Sparky. cant wait to see the next part

Wow just wow. You understand these characters and write them well. This story is believable the way you mesh them together. I could really see these as episodes.
Great work can't wait to see what's next for this if you keep the series going in a fair Haven style.

That ending:rainbowlaugh: Perfect! The story was very well made! Defeated by holograms, must be the most humiliating and embarresing defeat ever. I guess the families of the ponies can be proud of them. And I’m sure, Dinky will be very proud of her big sister.

Well, then, that was an interesting.

And of course, despite Voyager having only about 4 dozen torps for the entirety of the series, they seem to fire a lot more than they carry.

So true there's even a video on it, also can't wait for the next sequel :yay:

Poor Tuvok stepping into a social landmine like that. :rainbowlaugh:

yes and no, while not stated directly, it was stated that voyager had begun fabricating many of its own new parts, and trading with other worlds for equipment to make parts.

Hey, the hirogens got defeated by holograms several times. they lost an entire training facility and ship to holograms. And yep, Nelix sure embarrassed them about it.

Yes, but ponies able to fly and commands ships like a starship crew, you don’t see that everyday. Must be most humliating out of all holograms to be defeated by colored, talking ponies

worse, pastel painted SINGING ponies.

Indeed. Just want to mention it but Dinky can be really prpud of her sister, taking command of a starship. As well as the families of the other ponies.

Just so you know.

you made a 46 year old adult male Squee like a little girl

Great work

The Monk

Near the end of part five you have Tim, instead of Tom lol. Other than that,very well executed! I enjoyed it immensely. Now for another adventure in the holodeck in Equestria with Naomi and Seven failed safeties, and possibly the return of Discord and Q Jr!
Pretty please with chocolate cupcakes and hot sauce?

awesome story.
just amassing.

good end to a good story

good story, can't wait for the next one :scootangel:

I have listened (I use a text to speech app at work) to several attempts to merge star trek and/or star wars with equestria. All have failed so far. All but this one. Well done! It was decently written. Not drawn out, and put the creatures together well without forcing them. Only issue might be near the end. The real flesh and blood captain wouldn't trust her ship to a hologram of anyone or anything, especially during a battle, unless incapacitated. And it's a little odd that the crew knew all the ponys names. I'll have to listen to "shuttlepod down" see i'f that makes it clear. Thanks again and good job!

Actually, I would think that the captain would allow the acting captain to finish their mission, changing commanders mid-fight could be an absolute disaster. Add in, she was injured, so she made a call when it comes to Sparkler

I had that thought too. However, she would have stayed on the "bridge". Got up to speed and when most appropriate took over. I just find it hard to believe she would leave the ship in the hands of the computer.

She made the right call there. When the Commanding Officer is out of Commission, whoever is in charge retains command until the CO is able to resume his or her duties and the situation allows for it. You don't take command back when you're in the shit, though you can give advice. The reason for this is due to needing to be briefed on the current situation as the acting CO has a better idea of what's going on and what's being done.

Given that Janeway was wounded and the Amethyst was handling things quite well at the time, she didn't just take command right back. She did get command back, with Amethyst as her acting First Officer, but that was well after the Voyager had escaped.

She's trusted her ship to the doctor a few times. She's learned to trust... holograms...

My fav is when she's telling the doctor what to say, and he decides to go off script and ignore her.

"Its time to negotiate doctor, tell him...."

"Tuvok!" The doctor raises his hand in feigned anger then stands, "Activate... The photonic cannon." Yelling he points back at Tuvok without taking his eyes off the screen, "Tuvok, that was an order!"

The scene ends with Chakotay opting not to take command back, simply motioning to the doctor to the captains chair, "Go ahead Doctor, you've earned it."


I have reviewed your story for the Reviewer Cafe. As always, thank you for the time and effort you have put into the creation of this story, and I hope that my review of it was helpful to you. :twilightsmile:


If this was the twilight from the experiments of twilight sparkle creepypasta,it would cause a lot of problems.good thing they have the delete character thing.:twilightoops:

Ohhh great job!

And what a cliff hanging tease at the end!

Here’s hoping for more.

I love it :pinkiehappy:! The overall story is amazing. From the original story to this sequel story. You got a good thing going on here, you should attempt to create additional follow up stories. Additional adventures, and eventually a ending story about Voyager returning back home, and how the ponies become part of this new wider world. Discord/Q is clearly behind something of the programming of the program, as Twilight and others are recalling stuff that Tom did not program, it might be that the ponies are either from another universe, but it feels more like they are from the past, maybe a dead civilization and Discord/Q wanting in his own way to bring back his old friends. Hell he could have introduced cartoon based on his friends for the fun of it, never expecting that Tom would attempt to recreate the cartoon as a hologram program. Heck, when Voyager was attack in the first story, Discord/Q could allow by his powers to give the ponies another chance at life through this hologram world.

We also know that theres a universe where all life is Photonic. And that they are currently at war with Doctor Chaotica, but they do have an alliance with Captain Proton.

I hope this universe gets expanded upon. It is quite great despite the kinda short length.

Well, each "story" is essentially just a single episode, or a 2 part episode. They aren't meant to be long novels. Instead just fit in or in between existing episodes.

And yes, sparky has other idea's he may put out.

Congratulations, Sparkler! You've just been promoted to ECH.

Ditto to what Bronycommander said! :rainbowdetermined2:

If I Iron Will was taken from Equestria because of his size, wouldn't the princesses have been taken as well, because I know what least Celestia has to be tall enough?

YEah, but iron will has manipulators and is bipedal, while Celestia and Luna would be mistaken for animals at a glance... when scrolling through databases.

it was mentioned they exclude quadrupeds when kidnap people

I mean...there were those Hirogen that were killed by Starfleet holograms, if you'll remember, so it shouldn't be that embarrassing.

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