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I'm an electrician working in Fargo, ND. I love writing pony stories, and reading good fanfiction. My Patreon!



If you liked this story, I've got a sequel going on! Take a look at Rescue at Midnight Station

Sometimes friendships, like ponies, are more than what they seem. Sometimes it's hard to tell what makes a friendship special. Sometimes, all it can be called is...Magic. When a Shuttle crashes outside of Ponyville, the friendships that grow from different beings from different cultures bring the ponies and humans together on common ground.

First off, the story idea....you know who came up with this brilliant idea...Kitsy-Chan.

Cover art by Alkarasu...

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 30 )

Hehe, thank you Sparky. This was a fun story to do and a fun crossover.

wow awesome story this is super good most defiantly worthy reading.
left me wondering ware it is going from here.

Holographic emitter on pinkie pie. That would keep spirits up for the crew.

A holographic sans the skeleton with this kind of power would be the most op thing ever. (I know that that's a different thing altogether but it just popped into my head

Please say there is more to come!

This is not the end. This cannot be the end! WHY DOES THIS SAY 'COMPLETE'?!

wow a totally awesome story I love it short sweet and beautiful.
just wow this is a amazing story.

Good job so far, I like it. Please keep the chapters coming. :twilightsmile:

Short, sweet, single episode of Star Trek voyager. 2 parts, was all it took :)

Didn't want Twilight to become or look Mary Sue. Was a bit tricky to "blend" the to genra's and stay true to both. but i think sparky pulled it off great.

It's over?


Very nice! Love the last set up for a sequel someday... :pinkiehappy:

mlp + Voyager = win

Extra points for Voyager's Littlest Crewmember

Wait is it over? Awww, it was just getting good

A wonderful crossover mostly true to both series ruining the ideas of either one. That seems to be the downfall of most crossovers

I'm always looking for good Trek/MLP crossovers. This was nicely done, if a little short.
Definitely liked how Holodeck Twilight was meta-aware of Q.:twilightsmile:

A fun little story. The ending felt a bit abrupt, but I don't know what more could really have been written. You don't often see stories written in the present tense.

8090432 I actually typically write present tense. But yeah, just a short little story, but fun. I have other stories if you want something a bit longer. Just check out my user page, and maybe something would jive with what you are looking for.

Loved this story. Wish it was a little bit longer.

A very entertaining story, I would love to see a few short stories based from this one.

Aww, I was just getting into this, and then I saw it was complete. I loved the ending with Q/Discord shinnanigans, and was hoping you'd continue in later chapters. But this is finished, on the most teasing of cliffhangers. Le sigh. If you do anymore with this idea or make a sequel, I'd love to read it.XD

Yep, the sequel is up.

Came here from the sequel page(decided to read this first) I think maybe the locations need more description but I like it. Also yea on the nose but appropriate that Q/Discord had a hand into Holo-Twi going sentient. A chance to have his first real mortal friends live again? It would be too good to resist!

This is a well written, creative and fantastic story.

I especially love how the Author chose to end it.

Great job

The Monk

As a programmer, the thing I've always loved about these kinds of holodeck hacks is that they're actually plausible.

Where does accurate mimickry of sapience end and actual sapience begin? ...and how risky is it to program a simulation of someone who can out-think you in at least some areas?

...and Twilight's spell being able to fool the security measures is a perfect example of how actual security bugs come about. The computer does what you actually told it to do... not what you thought you were telling it to do... and minor oversights like that are all too common when defining how bits and pieces interact with each other.

Aw. I was hoping that the ship actually contained the mane six or similar.

I wonder how aware the holo-Twi is about her situation? For that matter, how mobile are the holograms supposed to be? Do they need to be in range of an emitter, or are they truly able to go anywhere (more along the lines of self-sustaining hardlight or nanite clouds or something)?

But yeah, the holodeck is unnerving for the fact that it actually simulates intelligences, but they don't (presumably) have rights if you can modify their memories and settings...

DisQord is the perfect explanation and ending for that one. Lol.

Remember theres also Rescue At Midnight Station. Another episode with the pony cast. And they even sing songs!

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