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After the battle for the liberation of Aiur, Zeratul saved his people from the corrupt Khala, but at the cost of his own life. His death, however, was unconfirmed by Artanis. Zeratul was supposed to be in the Void, sleeping like any noble Protoss warrior does, but fate demanded that he gets another adventure in a planet discovered by none, the planet Equus.

Crossover between MLP and Starcraft, owned by Hasbro and Blizzard respectively.

I do not know much about Starcraft lore so if you see anything suspicious, please comment on it.

Rated Teen to be safe. Human tag is for later.

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Zeratul in Equestria? Oh hell yes!!!


I have been thinking about it since Legacy of the Void came out! Adding to that him being my fave character and he DIED is unacceptable! I just had the courage to write it now!

En Taro Zeratul!!

I'd like to point out that the psionic blades are simple trinkets that are attuned to the crystal lattice and requires a trained mind to project its blade.

It has nothing to do with the death of that Protoss other then memories of the one who held it so.

True that a Protoss will return to dust from which they've come, it does not mean they are truely dead as their spirit will be returned back to the Khala to await being reborn once again in the void.

With this said then I will assume you now see the gravity of the act of cutting the nerve cords to cut off the Khala network

It is why the Nezareme are so dark and always going on about the void's power.

When they die they do not return as a Protoss normally would but instead they die a "true death" where they accept oblivion in the void awaiting for the day it finally swallows their essence or they are brought back via Psionic gate to serve once more (however unwilling they might be)

My friend, you have put forth an interesting concept. We shall be watching.

En Taro Adun, LE_MALEM!


This is very useful and shocking information. I really didn't know all of this. When Zeratul left his blade, I assumed it was because it's something material and it cannot be carried over. Well, I was half right at least when I was writing my fic. Thanks for the info anyways. I shall modify the chapter accordingly.


It's a point of honour I give to the Protoss.

The fact is that they do not see death as we do but merely another beginning in which the wisdom of their ancient forbears aids them from the Khala until YOU MUST CONSTRUCT ADDITIONAL PYLONS! they too return to the lattice of the Khala to guide future Protoss from it.

The term Nezareme was actually considered a disgraced or a fallen one by the High Templars of Aiur and was the punishment for CONSTRUCTING PYLONS NOW! betrayal or attempting a coup against the caste system or just generally anyone that was sentenced to be cut off from the Khala were called Nezareme.YOU MUST CONSTRUCT ADDITIONAL PYLONS!

Over time there were enough Nezareme to create their own civilization and they headed towards Shakuras while YOU MUST CONSTRUCT ADDITIONAL PYLONS! their worldview formed to the culture that if their punishment for freedom was to be severed from the Khala then it was the only way they would be truly free from Templar control and detection, thus YOU MUST CONSTRUCT ADDITIONAL PYLONS! their void powers of shadow stepping and others began manifesting soon after they embraced the "true death" and I must say that YOU MUST CONSTRUCT ADDITIONAL PYLONS! NOT ENOUGH MINERALS!.........I hate Aldaris so much..

John De Lancie voices Alarak and Discord.

Use that knowledge wisely.


MONSIEUR Ubermench! You can count on me!


Planet Slayn

"This noise... someone has angered someone that even the Gods themselves cannot quell." Alarak simply remarked.

Considering that Pinkie is probably a Eldrich being from beyond even Lovecraft, yeah, we'll go with that.:pinkiecrazy:

Upon seeing Zeratul's mouth-less face, Pinkie dropped the cupcake she was carrying in slow motion. She felt as if her own life flashed before her eyes: It was the first time that she encountered a party guest that she couldn't feed or couldn't enjoy pastries. She slammed the ground and yelled a
that literally echoed through the entire galaxy.

Dear God what have you done?!:twilightoops:

7179333 :rainbowlaugh:
Somewhere in the multiverse, someone will always be constructing additional pylons.

Ha Protos are punished with Aldaris, you don't have my sympathy. FOR THE SWARM! FOR THE QUEEN OF BLADES! XD
Well so far I can follow you, but as far as I know from the books the Nerazim chose to be served from the Khala because they value differences and individuality more then anything else.
And if I understand the end of the Game right the Khala was something Amon and his helpers wanted the Protos to achieve, something the other Xel'Naga never wanted. As it was just a tool for Amon to later take control over them, like the Overmind for the Zerg.

Nice story so far. But if i am correct, the Protos can't "yell" in the normal way. Or talk in a normal way, without mouth and so on. If I am correct, they communicate with telepathy. Even without the Khala they have strong telepathic abilitys.

So and now i will read the next Chapter
Adun toridas friends.


You are correct indeed, but I assumed this: Protoss can use their telepathic abilities in order to speak as soon as they enter a conversation, so even with multiple people, everyone will hear the Protoss's "Yell"! EN TARO "Insert Name here"!


I broke Pinkie Pie and I'm proud of it!


I Didn't played Star Craft 1 Only 2, but would it not be smarter on Zeratuls side to first show himself to Shy in the forest to have her knowing what she is dealing with? To let her know he trust er and so on?

So the Universe will break next? Or will the Zerg come for them?
So keep up the good work.
Adun toridas friend


Hmmmm... I agreeish but knowing how scary and unusual Zeratul is, Flutter would run away for sure. I can say Zeratul awaited for the right moment of comfort to reveal himself!


They were forced and eventually some did do so of their own will. The Khala effectively binds all Protoss together in a web of emotions and memories that guide them and allow their essence to remain in a connectable form. The Nezareme were either forced or willingly severed themselves from the Khala in defiance of the high Templars of Aiur or as punishment for their acts against the established Caste system of the protoss.

Thus it was already stated before that they valued individuality and freedom based on the acts which earned them the punishment in the first place.

and going in the Castle that has no guards, but one of 3 Princesses of Equestria, while being invisible cause this not?
I mean, they could think he is trying to trick them, or try to kill them or so because he was to "afraid" to show himself and all.
Normally this action would create fear because they see him using this powers even in a non threatening situation, like a walk trough Ponyville.
And trusting a voice in your head you can't really see is not so much better.

Still, it would be not a real yell because it is in your head. So it is technical not hearing because to "hear" something sound waves need to be received, something that is not there when they talk.
But I must admit, writing and reading things like "he thought out lout", "He thought", "He yelled with his telepathy" or so would probably sound awkward after some time. But try to throw in something like"they heard his voice in their heads" or something on the line to show it that he is not using normal communication.

Just my thoughts on this one.
Adun toridas


This is correct but the protoss mind is very different from us so it's possible they are able to hold multiple conversations at once but they can project their voices via Psionic verberations in the air or void to speak with "lesser" species....or so I assume as its a scary thought that a Protoss has to telepathically enter the minds of a entire terran warship to hold a conversation about the meaning of "skippy".


This is indeed a complicated issue here. I should've studied more Protoss lore. I have to say this: The Protoss lore in the sources I found is lacking. There are no definitive answers to how they feed or how they reproduce or how they speak... You have to be a Protoss yourself to know these things.

But why wanted the Conclave to Hunt them down if they were the one to serve them from the Khala? They were seen as a thread to their ways because nearly all of them chose to do so on their own desire. If the Conclave was the one to create most of them they would never had the Problem with hunting them all down in the first place, because they were hunted down before they were diconnected and then punished by disconnect them ( and most likely executed on the spot.)
They become Criminals because they didn't want to be part of the Khala. And the Conclave saw this as a danger to the new society of Protos and a possible chance to fall back to the old violent days. So they send out Adun to Hunt them all down and later want him to kill all of them. He never did it because Raszagal convinced Adun that they didn't want to be a danger to the new Protos Society but only be a different part of it. Something the Conclave didn't want to hear and still wanted them all dead. And then Adun sacrificed his life to hid them and this moment gave birth to the line "Adun toridas". The cutting was never a punishment for them as it was a way to protest for them.

Maybe this is just a Error in the translation in the Books (i readed them in German) so Maybe it is different, but from the German as well as the English wiki i can't read something from Cutting the nerve cords as punishment so they would become the Nezarim.

And on a side not, Nezarim don't use Psi Blades.


Actually it is stated that the protoss feed off of pure energy and they reproduce in around the same way humans do but they lack the pleasure centers that make it so enjoyable so it is mostly for the act of reproduction.


The psi blades are the same as the templars but constructed differently the psi blade is a manifestation of the psionic power projected from its lattice housing in the form of a blade.

The conclave hunted them afterwards yes but before it became a sign of freedom and a way for the Nezareme to remain out of sight of the templars it was a punishment.

The conclave realized too late to stop the beginnings of the culture of the Nezareme and they had to start hunting them to keep them from becoming too dangerous a threat to the high Templars caste system and the conclave itself. They eventually drove them off of Aiur and sent Adun after them when He realized that the Nezareme weren't the murderers and anarchists the conclave told him they were.

It was going good until the pov shifts back and forth. That is annoying as hell, let alone is a huge mark against a story. Every now and again is fine, but snapping back and forth isn't.

7180913 The part of reproduction must of been in one of the books I haven't read since I've tried to find that info before.


It is heavily implied

Nerazim use warp blades, this are advanced psi blades as the warp blade is more powerful then a Psy Blade because it use the Power of the Void.

So far i can't find anything about this part of punishment, but it is possible that it is just not listed there. So I can't really say.
Also the Nezarim never wanted to destroy or Hurt others, they tried to live in Hiding, and after Adun teach them to hid with their powers some lost control and died in a created Psi storm. so far non of the Nezarim was Evil, not to mistake with the Taldarim they are war lovers and killers and monsters. but at least the system works for them XD.


You stated it yourself actually.

The warp blade is a more advanced form of psi blade. It's really not as the design is older then the Khala networked designs

But as I stated before the blades they use are constructed differently from the standard templar blade but it still uses the psionic power of the protoss wielding it to function so void powered or not it is still a psi blade that functions the same in virtually every way aside from a green glow instead of a Khala blue because of different types of crystal used in the design.

The conclave and the Nezareme did have blood spilled between both sides though it was the conclave who won by driving the Nezareme off of council held colonies and Aiur itself when the Nez finally stopped and Kerrigan killed Aldaris (god bless her soul) and Adun gave himself beforehand as a sacrifice to hide them.

I just realized that this entire comments section is full of speculative history and weird facts about the protoss as a whole......so how about them Tal'darim?

About time someone broke Pinkie for a change


Mate! You have been spelling the Nerazim wrong during this whole debate! I searched Nezareme on Google and it immediately referred to my story! I mean that the only link where that word is found is my story!

I think even a facehoof picture doesn't work!

Also, very thankful for the debate. The next chapter will decide whatever parts of the lore I shall implement. Give me time for I shall study Protoss history before I post it. I shall read your comments carefully before I plan this next chapter. But for now, let's close this debate, shall we?!

Let us also remember: This is a crossover with My Little Pony: One of the most kid-friendly shows in the world. Mixing a serious series like Starcraft into the fray and especially with the Protoss was more than a challenge that I anticipated. Please guys, don't simply focus on the Starcraft side of the story because that part will be important later on, not this early of the story (except for exposition sake!)


Mhmm I know I have but I figured out that little trick with google awhile back after searching for Gilgamesh and it popping up this site.

Figured why the hell not?

Find out how many people who misspelled the Nerazim would find this story and maybe help update our lore.
As it was a debate about the history of our favorite blue mind flayer.

And I can understand that so fair enough.

The warp blade is stronger, as the Voidpower infused it. Also they were created as the Nerazim where forced to leave Aiur. They were created as the Nerazim fused the Templar psi blade with the void based Xel'Naga tech that was on the ships they were banished on. Also the color didn't base on the used Crystals, as we see Artanis blades change color as he was taken over by Amon on Aiur at the start of SC 2 LotV. The color is determent either, by the energy that is used, as the Red ones are said to be out of pure void energy and the green ones of the Nerazim out of fusing Psi with Void and blue to white are used for the normal pure Psi based blades, ore by emotions, as the emotion from Amon, the pure hate is channeled through Artanis at the moment.

As far as it goes, the Tal'darim are the Protos Amon took with him as he left Aiur and brought them to another world to become his elite army, and they take great pride in this fact.

I am glad we could help you. And sorry for getting a little over the top here ^^.
Also i think with the Protos you have chosen the race that would fit in the most with the Ponyworld. as they are the ones with the longest history of peace of the big 3 XD.

I wonder if Pinkie will ever cope with him never going to eat her cupcakes?

7193852 I'm going with that somehow, some way she comes up with a way to convert a cupcake into energy while still maintaining taste. Hey, this is Pinkie we're talking about, of course she'll find a way to maintain flavour when converting food into energy.

7194864 With how obsessive she can be, it wouldn't surprise me.

Intriguing developments

Comment posted by Amusementist deleted May 10th, 2016

Good story overall but I found the descriptions of the pony tribes to be very tribalist. Earth ponies and pegasi have magic that is merely different than unicorns and more passive. The description sounds like unicorn supremacy.

it doesnt roll well on the mind.

I know how he gained that skill. It's because Protoss feed off of energy right and when he absorbe the energy from Celestia's sun. It gave him that power because her sun's energy heals

soo im guessing zeratul gonna ivolved in season five? thats really awsome think about it

he stay in equestria for a bit for his quest and gain a new abilities as well

Please Continue This. It is Very well Thought out and I would hate to see it unfinished.

7180612 You are correct in your statments, although you spelled protoss wrong. Anyway, the protoss are a race of extremely powerful psionics. They also have no facial features other than their glowing eyes (blue for the Khalai, green for the Nerazim, and red for the Tal'darim). They have no mouth or nose and "speak" through telepathy.

I know it is not looked at favourably by some authors but I must ask. Are you going to continue this?
You have an interesting concept here, combined with above average writing skills for crossovers and I would really like to see where you'll take this, but I would rather not wait for months only to be sad when I next clean away dead stories from my tracking list and this is included.

Starcraft have lots of books, you can find them all in the internet, read them all, they are awsome, and in some apears zeratul, and his personality very well explained.


i know, I know that. But I have decided that I'm going to do with whatever I personally know rather than delve into the whole lore thing. Again, this is a fanfiction: Not everything has so be 100% accurate! Also, Protoss lore is very deep and confusing and since I just came back, I'd rather take it a bit slow, even if I know whatever chapters I currently have in planning. By a bit slow I mean lore-wise, not updating the story wise.

I don't know jack about any of the starcraft lore, but I'm guessing whatever he used to heal Scootaloo was only temporary?


I don't know JACKSHIT about Starcraft Lore too (Very limited knowledge) BUT all about Scootaloo will be explained next chapter! THAT I promise you!

Please... i want Scootaloo to be ok and able to fly:pinkiesad2:

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