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Stargate Command is Earth's first line of defense against a hostile galaxy. Their mandate is "to seek out and recover intelligence and technology to assist Earth in its defense against these aggressors." It’s a dangerous job, and SGC’s mettle and defenses have been tested before. All past incidents were resolved successfully, with the normal citizens of America – and the world – none the wiser. But...

This one may just take the cake. After SG-1 returns from a routine reconnaissance mission, bringing back a curiously intact artifact from an abandoned alien city, people begin to transform. When the changes spread across the planet, the SGC faces the prospect of losing control of the secret they've kept for over a decade.

A story in the theme of Five Score, Divided by Four crossing over with Stargate SG-1. This story is not canon Five Score; for example, Five Score takes place in 2020, while the final season of SG-1 takes place in 2007.
Huge thanks to totallynotabrony for the cover art!
Credit to Lord of Dorkness and totallynotabrony for editing assistance, as well.

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Not even done with this chapter, but with how it started, I have to say I love you :rainbowkiss:

Well this should be interesting as Mitchell turn into the marshmallow pony. Reminds me of the whole Pandemic story.

Teal’c is becoming Fluttershy?! Why would you do that to him?

I thought the staff forbade making additional Five Score stories years ago. Did they change that? Did I miss an announcement?

8327461 personally i find nothing wrong with the 5 score stories i really dont see the problem and i for one am curious why. do you know exactly?

For a period of time, there was a rule that new Five Score stories had to be 30k+ words at the time of submission, or complete. That rule has since been removed, although I do have >30k written already as a buffer so I can try to release new chapters on a schedule while I continue to write. :twilightsmile:

It was never the case that Five Score stories were outright forbidden, they just had a high bar for approval.

Well someone obviously approved it.

"Haven't heard anything about Madagascar, though."

The people of Madagascar have immune systems of steel and prompt border control. If you haven't infected them by this point you'll need to start over.

Nonsense. This is clearly a "2 Score" story. Didn't you read the story title when you wrote it?

Oh god, don't even bring that up. Frigging Madagascar...

As a side note, when I tried playing that game I always tried to imitate the Ori plague, with maximum spread rate, and minimal symptoms, but unfortunately the game doesn't really have an incubation time, so it didn't really work out at all.

I am certainly following this story. There are lots of 5 score stories. There are a handful of crossover 5 score stories. There is currently one 5 score x Stargate story, ergo you get a uniqueness bonus. (Which can make any story somewhat interesting, purely because of the previously unseen ideas being used.)


There was a rule (since removed) that stories set in the five score universe had to be at least 30k words or have the protagonists ponified before publishing, whichever came first. The reason is that since the protagonists in these stories start human and turn to ponies gradually, many new stories were published that didn't actually have any ponies in them at the time of publishing. They were just human stories, and many of them were self-inserts. The staff was annoyed that so many stories were being published (and then never finished) without ponies in them that they made that rule. Since the number of five score stories has died down, the rule was since removed.


I need there to be more of this.

There are so few good stargate crossovers on this site, this is like finding a gallon water after three months in the desert without so much as a drop previously.

Out of the corner of his eye, Mitchell noticed something unexpected. Glancing down, there was a trio of blue diamonds on his ass. Both sides, actually. He scrubbed at the image, but it wouldn't come off.

Pfft, of course he gets Rarity!

It was because they, by definition, did not have ponies in them in the first few chapters. As I'm sure you know, non-pony stories aren't allowed, and I guess too many people must have uploaded and abandoned stories before they even got to the pony content. Seems the rule has since been relaxed a bit.

Hmm, it seems pony souls are displaced in this version of five score as well, but the trigger is an unknown. I have strange hunch that the hat being here as the transformation begins is entirely coincidental, as the radiation was shielded. Maybe. Or maybe the slight influx of magic is what triggered the change to their true forms? If it even is their true forms in this version.

Anyway, I am loving this so far!

Very good. The amount of secrecy in the original story never did make much sense to me.


That was one of the weaknesses of the original story, but there is a couple of variations that Lord of Dorkness made:

Dark Horse
One Pony's Curse Is Another Man's Blessing

Both of which are AUs to the original story, just like this story is an AU. And in each one of them, the curse is public, because keeping that secret is not only hard to believe, it also really limits what the stories can do. There is a lot better drama if the entire thing is public, as Lord of Dorkness' stories show.

Thanks so much for the links! I've been looking for other good Five Score pieces. :)

Dark Horse was also a major inspiration for me to write this story. I strongly recommend it!

Yay more Stargate stories. And amusing thusfar. And curious to see whether you are going the reincarnation angle or the something else angle. Especially given The Ancients.

Haha, great intro! Very well written as well. :pinkiehappy:

Jack paused. "Haven't heard anything about Madagascar, though."

Their borders closed a little bit after Starswirl brought the hat to PHK-519.

I loved Stargate a lot i am adding this to my tracking list, So far this seems really good

Two Score, Minus Two = 18... Hmm...

You had my curiosity, but now you have my attention!

Welp, I'm keeping an eye on this! Hope to see more...

Well, this looks like it's going to be a tremendous amount of fun. Very interesting choices for who's becoming who as well. Eagerly looking forward to more.

Haven't heard anything about Madagascar, though.

*Breath in*
*Breath out*

"Score" is twenty, which is why Five Score (5 * 20 = 100) Divided by Four (100 / 4 = 25) was used for the story in which everyone began their transformations on their 25th birthday. Discord was then punished by being transformed into a mundane horse for Five Score to the Power of Four (5 * 20 = 100, 100 ^ 4 = 100,000,000) years.

Two Score Minus Two is 38. Stargate fans ought to be able to suss out two reasons this number is relevant to SG-1. :coolphoto:

Oh god, Mitchell as Rarity. As if he wasn't over dramatic enough.

I missed the boat on the whole "Five Score" bandwagon, but enjoyed Pandemic, which I gather has a similar premise. Since Stargate content is an itch I rarely get to scratch, I shall await further developments with eagerness. And blaming Vala is a perfectly rational

One possible plot hole, though: If naquadah in the blood from possession by a Goa'uld is the reason Vala is immune, Carter should be immune as well, due to her stint with the Tok'ra Jolinar. For that matter, O'neill has also had a Tok'ra in his head at this point.

Congratulations on the front-page feature! :yay:

Sixth place, so far. With the mature filter on, so be sure to nab yourself a screen-cap for posterity!

A Stargåte Tail

It's too early in the story for puns.

I do not think MItchell will like being Rarity.

Good start, you have my interest. Characterization is pretty good.

Interesting start so far. Looking forward to more.

Teal'c as Fluttershy...:rainbowderp::rainbowkiss::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

but seriously I question your choices. Yeah Cam as Rarity.

Sam = Twilight.
Val = Dash.
Teal'c = AJ

Jackson, could see as either Fluttershy or Pinkie pie.

That's not why Vala is not transforming.

Yeah, shagohad12 and I were hoping to have both this story and Shangri-La in the featured box at the same time on the 27th, unfortunately he posted his too early for them to be there simultaneously, but I did grab a screenshot. Two days featured (so far) is pretty good, too.

It's never too early for bad puns! :scootangel:

Half the fun of a Five Score story, IMO, is the opportunity to pit the pony against a different personality. In fact, Teal'c as Fluttershy was the biggest reason I wanted to do this crossover. :pinkiecrazy:

I do hope they don't become just clones of ponies, at least not mentally. So shouldn't the hat make the mouse more intelligent? Equestrian mice are pretty smart apparently.

Ok, this is different enough to be interesting.

I like Stargate as well as MLP, so you have my attention.

The Monk


Teal'c as Fluttershy...:rainbowderp::rainbowkiss::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

but seriously I question your choices. Yeah Cam as Rarity.

Sam = Twilight.
Val = Dash.
Teal'c = AJ

Jackson, could see as either Fluttershy or Pinkie pie.

Actually, if you have a look at who's becoming what, the ponies they're becoming are exactly the OPPOSITE of their normal traits.

Cam: hates fashion, can't care less for what he wears = Rarity, who cares much more than most
Teal'c: huge alien warrior = Fluttershy, who's scared of (almost) everything
Daniel: intelligent scholar = Applejack, who ain't big on book learnin'
Sam: Again, a very technically-inclined learned person = Rainbow Dash, who rails on about 'Eggheads'. The only saving grace here is Sam's going to love to be able to fly without using an aircraft, you can put money on that.
So, if this trend follows, Twilight's clone is going to be someone who's not that good at learning things, and Pinkie Pie's recipient is probably going to be someone who is a real party-pooper.
Of course, that doesn't mean that the recipients of the cutie marks and new forms are going to have the personality of the originals. It's just that the cutie marks are following this trend, and most likely the forms behind them will. And what happens when the Ponies meet their look-alike/opposites? Chaos, confusion and hilarity ensues.

Just had a thought. Imagine Jack becoming Twilight? :twilightoops: :twilightangry2:

I was thinking the exact same thing, it would be halarious to see Jack being a bookworm pony princess.

More like looking like a book-loving princess, but underneath, it's the same old Jack, which would really 'jack' around any other pony who knows Twilight, then meets him.


Honestly, between thumbing his nose at eldritch abominations and his sense of humor, I'd peg Jack as more of a fit for the element of Laughter... :pinkiehappy:


Which, in light of this comment, makes sense. In which case, I'd put money on either Harriman, Mayborne, or Woolsey, depending on if he's left for Atlantis yet.

Mr. Woolsey takes command of Atlantis in 2008, this story is taking place in 2007. He visited Atlantis in 2006, but that was a temporary thing.


Which, in light of this comment, makes sense. In which case, I'd put money on either Harriman, Mayborne, or Woolsey, depending on if he's left for Atlantis yet.

Woolsey for Pinkie Pie! :pinkiehappy: :pinkiegasp: :pinkiecrazy:
As for Maybourne, can you imagine him stuck as Maud?
I can imagine Teal'c as Flutter-guy, not Fluttershy, if his voice doesn't change. :flutterrage: :fluttershbad: :fluttercry:

This is the weirdest crossover. I love it. XD I can't wait for more. :pinkiehappy:

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