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Featured Sci-Fi Story: "Equus Metamorphosis" ( http://bit.ly/1YnanMR )


Sweetie Derelle, the alternate reality Sweetie Belle, has arrived in Equestria to save everyone. That includes driving a bus full of orphans at high speed through Canterlot to make sure it doesn't explode. Also into Canterlot Castle. Specifically Celestia's Bedroom. Along the way, the hero everyone deserves known as Donut Joe will help the transdimensional trashcan-mouthed monstrosity complete her mission.

But can the city, and Rarity, learn to love this goggly-eyed savior from another dimension?

No. Probably not.

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Things on FIre
Sweetie Belle causing FIres
Explosions and Things Exploding
Donut Joe Being Totally Boss
High Speed Chases and High Speed Destruction
Celestia Getting Hit by a Bus
Complete Disregard for the Safety of the Canterlot Public

Rated T caused there are explosions and children exploding and destruction and like two swear words (gasp!)

Bus image from here: http://www.zigzagging.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/explosion-3.jpg

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This looks fucking lit. I'll have to check it out in a little bit. 'Splosions are gr8.


It's so lit it's sets fire on fire. :D Thanks for planning to check it out!

I think I stumbled into a pinkie fanfic. Though given the amount of pineapples involved. I do question what sugar high she was on at the time of writing.


This story is like crack on fire :D Thanks for reading it! :D

7334242 The whole plot went out the window as fast as it went up in smoke, so its a very apt description.

I have no idea what I've just reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

She stood, brushing her hair and contemplating life as she saw the bus rocketing through the air towards her bedroom.

“Oh no,” she said. “Not again.”

Just another day in Equestria

*Directed by Michael Bay*



Hehe thanks for reading!


Michael Bay


7335450 FEATURING:

Sweetie Belle, the Sweetie of HELL


Over-the-top explosions that cost $1000 each

Sweetie Derelle didn’t ask for this, but she wasn’t the one who put the bomb on the bus that would cause it to explode if it went below 60 miles an hour. She also never saw the movie Speed.


“BWAAA!” Sweetie Derelle screamed in tiny pony rage as the bus smashed through a banana stand, a hot dog stand, a magazine stand, a keg stand, Stephen King’s The Stand, and Standing Tall starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

*bursts out laughing* WHAT?!

Sweetie Derelle opened her mouth wide, which is saying something when your mouth is roughly trash-can lid in shape.

Oh so her mouth literally Is that big in the picture XD

Both she and Donut Joe looked back. Sure enough, the bus load was full of orphans. And they were sickly. And they were sad.

Just rubbing it in lol *And they were also about to get adopted but it's probably too late now.*

Sweetie Derelle careened around the corner, causing the back of the bus to send fifteen mares and stallions flying into a restaurant before exploding in a blaze of glory. The waiter stood up, relieved he hadn’t been hit. Then he too exploded.

Co-written by Mr.Torgue

He waved his arms around and focused his culinary ninjitsu, setting his hooves on fire. He punched them into boxes full of pineapples which grilled instantly.

*bursts out laughing again* The hell! XD

The fruit sailed into their faces, knocking them out, but satiating them.

*confused clapping from audience*

Donut Joe, the hero, the villian, the guy who wants to do good but is technically a reckless monster with foodjitsu skills.

The bus hit Mach 1 (it was a fast train)


“Now Rarity, ah know what it’s like to have a little sister. Sometimes I call my sister ah thing too.” Applejack said. “But it’s important that you show love.”

Oh god! THat's so sad! I feel so bad for laughing! I love how Rarity is the only one examining the full scope of things.

“That’s all right!” Apple Bloom said. “You look just like Sweetie Belle to me! So you must be her!” Apple Bloom, who needed glasses badly, said. She high-hoofed her excited friend(?) as they locked hooves like two action movies bros. “Don’t worry! Scootaloo and I will break you out! Then we can go save more ponies!”

Taking a hammer to the fourth wall, love it.

Awesome story! Hope to see more!


AW YEAH! Jumps into the air, high-fives and poses while stopping in mid-air.

Man, your comments are inspiring. I really do like seeing which little parts made you laugh! It's kinda like commentary for a movie and sharing all the best parts.

I think I might write another chapter to it tonight, since you've inspired me so much! We'll see. I must set up the scene and make the quick photoshop which is realy just putting the sweetie derelle image over something on-fire or exploding :P

All I know for sure right now is that Sweetie Derelle lives inside a trashcan in Rarity's house. :)

What... What is this? Why is it here?

And why did I like this so much?

Oh yeah, Sweetie Derelle. Impossible not to like. Have a cookie.


Thank you so much! Sweetie Derelle appreciates your compliment! She will set fire to one of Rarity's trash can's to show her appreciation :)

You can expect more of these stories, that's for sure :)

7335546 I'm reading this comment with the voice of the guy from Honest Trailer


HAH that is pretty darn close to the Derelle scream haha!

Oh man, Sweetie Derelle and the Rabbids would like destroy so many places...


Oh great now I'M reading it in that voice XD

7339477 ... well, now that I think about it, this story deserve the entire trailer (using that awesome voice, of course)

The following story is rather R for Random.

From the writers of Fallout Equestria, My little Dashie and Past Sins... don't come a story so random that will make you ask yourself 'what the hell did I just read?' and 'who in their right mind would ever write it?'

Spoiler: it was this guy with a very happy Luna as avatar. Woo-ooh!

Join Sweetie Derelle, the most adorable screaming diabetes-inducing abomination, as she's forced for some reason to drive a bus filled with hungry orphans and explosive across Canterlot, a city that despite being built on the side of a mountain has streets enough spacious to drive at over 60 miles an hour without have to worry about traffic, in a world where the horse power actually means the number of ponies pulling a cart. Or a train. 'Cause, you know, reasons.

But this screaming marshmallow is not alone. Following her during this mad drive that makes Fury Road look like a Mario Cart game by comparison, there's Donut Jones, a secret agent/baker with awesome ninja skills, able to cook pineapples with his flaming hooves... and promptly die for drama. Seriously? Oh, alright, just asking.

Join our protagonist in this Michael Bay wet dream, filled with dramatic deaths of completely random character and hilariously deaths of completely random character, until she finally manage to crash the bus against Celestia's bedroom... and survive? Uh, guess the magic of friendship works better than a bomb shelter.



Too young to be fast and furious

Derpy's roomate

Scootaloo's classmates

Exploding background ponies

Exploding background pony n 12

The horny- horned spy? Well, you get the idea

Praise the sun

The country voice of honesty

Sister of best pony

Marshmallow drama queen

And. More. Explosions.

Sweetie Derelle: The Speedinging


HOLY SHIZ BISCUITS, this is awesome! I just got a chance to read it after getting a break from my traveling and my new story writing!

I want to read this as the intro to this story if I ever make it an audio drama. Or maybe the outro. :D

THANK YOU! *hugs*


I was reading out loud and, as soon as I began, I burst out laughing:raritycry:

The waiter stood up, relieved he hadn't been hit. Then he too exploded.

That probably was meant to be dark, but I laughed so bad at it:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

This is the best comedy/crackfic I've read so far, because Sweetie Derelle Is (now) Bae:unsuresweetie:

Sweetie Derelle: "Bwaaaaaa!!!!"


I love writing Sweetie Derelle! I've always wanted to make a puppet of her and make live-action videos like this. :)

I can only imagine how awesome this must have sounded when you read it aloud XD

Here's a sneakpeek at a future Derelle fic:

7355140 It looks so exciting XD


-Sweetie Derelle, Circa 1885-2018


I can't even begin on where this thing derails faster then the Friendship Express.
I physically can't.
I am chortling, though.


"What" is the proper response XD

THanks for reading!

Sweetie Derelle careened around the corner, causing the back of the bus to send fifteen mares and stallions flying into a restaurant before exploding in a blaze of glory. The waiter stood up, relieved he hadn’t been hit. Then he too exploded.

Directed by Michael Bay

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