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The Collapse: POV · 4:39am Last Tuesday

Right. So I'm finally actually writing stuff. Yay! If you're reading this before...*looks at date*...August 20, you can pick almost any MLP character (within reason). That character will have a chapter in their point of view in my story, The Collapse. For some reason, it's my least popular story. C'mon people, two of them took all of one or two hours to hammer out, the other is a multi chaptered story that I've poured a lot more effort into. Like it!

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Thanks! I like editing, and it's an honor to be able to promote good works so that someone will see them. :)

I'd just like to say I appreciate the work you're doing for 'A for Effort.' I haven't been very active, but it's nice to know the group is alive again. :twilightsmile:

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