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On her vacation in the town of Gold Springs, Rarity finds a dragon. He won't let go of her coin, and now she has no idea what to do with him.

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The dragons are attacking. The Princesses waver between two terrible choices.

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The spirit says it’s from another world. Another universe, without an Everstorm, where the Elements of Harmony are used to defeat villains instead of keeping the storm contained. One where the Princesses work together instead of ruling over their own realms. One that no longer exists. It says it wants to keep the same thing from happening to Dash’s world. Does she believe that? Of course not.

Cover Artist: DeviantArt/FimFiction
Jet Storm
JackRipper—"MI HOY MENOY"
I Thought I Was Toast

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Equestria might be a threat. Thom doesn't know, and he didn't particularly care. Then he was hired to investigate.

This is an Optimalverse story.

Cover is balthasar999's.

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I've killed a lot to get here. Time to do it again. This'll be funny.

Title Tribute.

Cover art by Seriff Pilcrow!

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