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CartsBeforeHorses and ElectreXcessive review fics that we believe deserve more attention.

All of the reviewed fics will go in the "Carts and Elec Approved" folders, and sorted by genre. Any submissions can go into the submissions folder provided that they have fewer than 50 likes and/or 150 views at time of submission.

Once Carts or Elec has read them, we will move the stories to the "Read and pending review" folder, where they will appear in our next installment of the Under-Appreciated Extravaganza reviews.

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I think it is high time I take my place among you.
From the writing, I think I would be more than qualified.

Bring forth the stories for all to read :pinkiesmile:

Good goddess, 275 items in the submissions folder? :twilightoops: I was going to add two of my stories, but it looks like you guys already have your work cut out for you.

330375 Hey, Carts, can you read my story Legion's Plague, but only when it's complete? It should be complete by August or so. :twilightsmile:

...Did anyone else look at the icon for this forum and begun to wonder if we're endorsing the United Arab Emirates?

Yay. 100th member :P wow. Most unconstructive post I've ever posted.

Just wanted to say: I approve of this group and everything it stands for. Good on ya, you two. :pinkiehappy:

330375 I'll stop whining. Congratulations on the growth of your group.

Are you going to take stories in the order they were submitted? I admit, this question is a little self serving. The tremendous growth this group has had is wonderful, but it just has to mean getting through the submission folder is going to take forever (and I don't want wait forever! *whine!*).

Wow, talk about explosive growth!!! Good for you, guys!

Hey, there, buddy. Glad to see you offering a hoof out to your fellow pony.

While you're at it, would you mind?

"Want more exposure?"

Sure, why the hell not?

I love your reviewing style, and I am delighted to join this group. I'm definitely going to check out the stories you've reviewed.

  • Viewing 1 - 13 of 13