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Either I'm really bad at looking or didn't notice it (probably both) but I couldn't find a group for this. So I know there are a lot of great authors on this site with great books but out of all those books which did you, the authors of those books, enjoy writing most? Well that's what this group is for. The book you enjoyed writing most! If you have any questions don't be afraid to ask me by either PMing me or leaving a comment on my user page!!

Ok so there are a few rules to this group, just to keep it sane (yep sane):

1. No mature content out of the Mature content folder. This group if for those of us who enjoyed writing a book an would like to read other authors favorites. That folder is here or a reason. So there is no confusion I'm not saying that because you enjoyed writing that book it's bad and others won't want to read it I'm just saying that this is a clean environment and if other authors want to read that the folder is there.

2. No hate comments or mean things posted. This is a nice place. Or something like that. Constructive Criticism is welcome. Bad editing or grammar or dislike comments are okay if you say where or why.

3. Anything is welcome to be posted. This is a group of your favorite story's that you wrote but ones that you think will be liked (or know will be liked or just want to put out there) are welcome too.

4. Humanized or odd story's are always welcome don't not put it in because of that.


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I'm surprised to see that you joined this group.

321927 :ajbemused::applejackconfused::ajsleepy: :ajsmug:

Pretty good. Glad to see you joined this group.

Oh hai... How's it going.

I'll just leave this comment here.

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