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Hi Everyone , My name is Serfire and I am youtuber on youtube , I am also a writer . I write all types of writing for explain fictional , non-fictional , Poems , songs and mlp stories ect ^^


Stories I'll be posting soon :3 · 6:53am Oct 14th, 2018

Hi,Everyone as you may know me as Serfire Silver ,I as you do not know ,I joined the Mlp Community late like season 6 late ,but on the bright ,I can at least be there and post stories ,that I wrote and came up with before this Amazing show we all love and know ends ,so,for next few month's I willing be posting stories ,okay ,guy's .Caio :3 :twilightsmile: PS.The first story I will be Posting will be a soarindash called Flight or Fight and to let you this story is base with Soarin and Rainbow

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Thank you for the fave.

Your Welcome and I will ,Your story are Cool,
interesting and fantastic :scootangel:

Thanks for the favorites! Please be sure to leave upvotes too!

Your Welcome and earth to soarin was lovely :pinkiesmile::scootangel: Soarindash Always :heart::twilightsheepish::twilightsmile:

  • Viewing 92 - 96 of 96
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