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A group for Bronies to talk, make friends, promote, review work and share ideas. Whilst you are free to do as you wish(with in reason) please refrain from trolling, posting something stupid, being edgy or acting like a cunt .

Note there will be jokes that some may find offensive, but please only report them if they turn vile or nasty. Harmless jokes, even though some can be hurtful, are just that- jokes. Our goal is to make this a fun group, and in doing so, we need to all accept that people have differing views and humor. Rest assured we will not ignore hostile or hurtful comments, so never be afraid to inform an admin if you see something legitimately bullying.

Please only post stories in one folder.

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Hello everypony, I just joined this group. Glad to be here!

Comment posted by Golden Fang Ryu Shenron deleted March 12th

406294 It tastes sweet. No. And I don't the third one.

406292 ......Um... What do you think about love? Do you think changlings can drink love potion? Love health from other crossover?

400039 lets talk about changlings and changling fics

400130 It's based on a Skype Group called Random Brony Chat. I suppose you're correct in your assumptions. Feel free to converse, ask weird questions, bring up weird topics, all is fine and dandy.

This group seems like a more thought out version of Off Topic.

I'm a random brony, do I count?

Pretty banner is pretty.


Let see.... what should we discuss first.....

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