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Of course, this world is not a wish granting factory. So, what does this group stand for? I know that some users here on FiMFiction do not achieve or get certain things that they want and work for. It is a sad, sad thing, and should happen to no one.

There are some out here who only wish to be admired, for others to see what they've done and see it as good. Who doesn't want that?

But, there are other wishes too other than being noticed. Any wish that I can grant to you, I'll see what I can do to grant it. Nothing unrealistic, nothing negative, make sure it's something I can accomplish from here and not somewhere else. If it does need to be done here, it cannot include things that are illegal on the site.

You may be asking, "What can I wish for then?"

I have one word for you, support.

If they wish for information, I'll grant information. If they wish for love, I'll give them love. If they wish for "sexy-time," who am I to say "no"? Okay, maybe a bit too extreme, let's leave it at a hug and a pat on the back, eh?

Morale lowers, every single day.

People wonder if it's acceptable to be a dick or to be a pacifist. There is no longer a bar or a line that is present, and everything is either acceptable or offensive.

People hate to be told what to do, but they always need help.

People say be honest and always do what needs to be done, while others say never do anything that will hurt others in any way at all.

I wonder if we have hearts or souls at all. I wondered if I ever did.

Well, we do. We all seek a safe place, so let this be that safe place.

You may say, "The world doesn't work that way. There will always be wrong no matter where you go."

Why let the laws of the universe stop you? Laws haven't stopped you before, so why should they now? People make excuses to break the law all the time, that doesn't make it right to do what they do? So why doesn't anyone break the rules of nature and be a wish-granting helper for once?

People do good, and are barely noticed. People do bad, and are praised all the time. My own wish is that we send this message all around the site and let them now there is a place to escape all of that.

I wonder why I see so many people putting others down and making them feel bad, it's saddening and enraging.

Yes, be honest with people, especially when they do something wrong. Your goal is to help them, not hurt them.

Example: Little Beth has been feeling down in the dumps. She blogs about it. Immediately people attempt to cheer her up and tell her all these reasons why she needs to continue to truck on and enjoy life. Others give half-assed comments and use sarcasm to try to convey they believe what she is saying is foolish and how she's only undergoing teenage angst or puberty or some shit. That's plain wrong and she doesn't need to hear that.

To be any type of emphatic listener, you need to understand you are working with a person who has feelings just like you. The moment you treat your opinion like truth, they can't open up to you as you've already put them on the defensive and have hurt the cause as a whole. This leads to arguments.

Assertiveness is a good way to listen to people, and provides a great way to help them as well. You are direct and have yet still an open mind as you are courteous. A nonassertive listener is one who sits and replies things like "Oh..." or "Okay..." and you can tell that they're only commenting to let you know they were there, but inside they most likely don't care. An aggressive listener is one who puts you down and brings attention to what they perceive as truth when it is only an opinion of their own. They may exaggerate and provide examples of others who share the same opinion in either the same way they do or a relatively similar way. Being aggressive doesn't work as it is the same thing that brings upon war. Why start a war when all you wanna do is help?

Why give out all this information? To let you know that this is a group dedicating to helping others, much like the others. That is my wish. I knew I've always wanted to help others, so I'll try and I'll try and never relent my goal.

Now, using that you know this, I wish to grant your wishes.

Now that you know my mission statement, let's begin granting some wishes.

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