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Thank you so very much for the kind words. :twilightsmile: I’m very happy you liked the story, and I’m glad to see some of my intentions with writing the story were clearly understood. Thank you! :pinkiehappy: :yay:

I personally cannot tell you the overall writing style... (that is a struggle for me.) But I can tell you about the overall 'feel' of the book. Meaning the stages of feelings I felt as I read.

When I first read the summary and title of the book, it made me feel very hesitant because I knew this was going to be sad. Plus it happened to be the same time I watched the last episode of mlp. I am not a fan of sad books, only because I hate feeling sad. But this book definitely was an exception of that. Glad I moved past my hesitance.

When I read the first half of the book, it made me feel very nostalgic, like I was Twilight myself. The seasons of mlp went through my head. It's like watching those old Youtube video's you haven't seen in 10 years but still feel the same emotions you did the last time you saw it. But moving on, it made me feel like I was Twilight's age. The "seen to much." trope. (Which is a good thing here). If your goal was to have the reader feel the emotions Twilight was feeling, you definitely made me feel that at least.

The last half of the book made me even more sad, but the last two paragraphs were definitely acceptance. Pretty sure I went through the fives stages of grief as I read this book.

Sorry rambling.... So overall, yes. Definitely enjoyed it and will probably re-read it sometime.

Thank you for the story.


Thanks for the favorite, it means a lot to me for people to enjoy Militis Corde

Thanks so much for reading Memorial! I'd love knowing what you thought of it! :twilightsmile:

  • Viewing 1,156 - 1,160 of 1,160
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