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The Pursuit Of Joy (OR, Why Andrew W.K. is a brony we should all aspire to be more like, OR, Pinkie Pie: The Analysis) · 12:14am Sep 27th, 2012

I want you to remember all the things that I said
I want you to remember – you’re not better off dead
You only have a minute to go back in the line
To bring it on home – and make up your mind
I want you to remember what you came here to do
I want you to remember that I’m talking ‘bout YOU…

~Andrew W.K., “I Love Music”

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1365782 No problem! It's a really unique kind of story, very fun.

Thanks for favouriting my version of Betrayal at House on the Hill!

1087579 Quite well, and yourself?

How are you doing sir?

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