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It's fanfiction all the way down.


From the stone age to the modern world, Celestia guides her little ponies into the future. And she needs to keep playing. Just one more turn.

Always one more turn.

Done as a speed-writing exercise in about three hours. Totally unedited. Enjoy!

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This reminds me of how I felt when I fished playing OneShot. It's a rare game that can make me feel like its characters are my friends instead of NPCs; OneShot was one of those. Ending the game meant saying goodbye. That was bittersweet, but only a little, since I'd worked so hard and put the main character through so much to get to that point. Finishing the game felt like something the main character had earned.

I don't know what I expected from this. All I know is that I needed it.

Man, three hours and unedited? Geez.

This totally wasn't what I expected...I expected comedy and videogames, not sad and somewhat dark.

However the story is all the better because it wasn't what I expected. I wonder....what happened to all of Equestria. For that matter, how does Luna fit into this picture.

*sighs* I wish I could win a Diplomatic Victory before the invention of Electricity. :D

Still a good and surprising read.

I feel that this should have the Sad tag.

Diplomatic victories are the worst, aren't they? Always nagging you every twenty turns to ask if you're done nuking the planet. :trollestia:
She should try Beyond Equestria if she really can't bring herself to hit continue after the victory screen! The wonder quests add a whole new facet to the game.

"and understanding of love pure enough"
"an understanding of love pure enough"?

So, hm... Cadance romantic love, Shining Armor familial?

"She’s going to rub in every single one of our neighbor’s faces"
"She’s going to rub it in every single one of our neighbors' faces"?

"resistance crumbled like sandcastle kicked by a passing hoof"
"resistance crumbled like a sandcastle kicked by a passing hoof"?

Ah. Not the mechanism I was expecting, but...
Of course! Of course you could and would take a silly premise like this and fill it with depth and melancholy and, things!
Well. Definitely enjoyed reading it, even if its nature was un(but perhaps should have been)expected. :)

Also, three hours and unedited? Congratulations!

"She should try Beyond Equestria if she really can't bring herself to hit continue after the victory screen!"
Ah, but this version doesn't appear to have that as an option. I was thinking that, at the end but before the very end: "Oh, this is where the button to continue (without a score or further victory conditions, but she doesn't care) appears; she must be doing this for the first time and not know about it!" And then... it didn't.

Oh, Celestia ... Didn't you see the other button? The one marked Just ... one ... more ... turn ...

Having played more than my share of the various Civ games, I feel for Celestia. :fluttershysad:

The typical end-game ennui, where you've already won for all practical purposes, but the game keeps on grinding... she has the reverse of that, can't bear to let the game end.

Good short story:derpytongue2:. Felt kinda like it was from the game characters point of view in civ game. Like what happens to all those citizens when you DON'T press the "one more turn"-button.
And also reminded me of gamers 3: The hands of fate.


Don't we all feel like this when we really get immersed in playing a game?
It's one of the most beautiful things our imagination can give us.

Maybe in her version of Civ don't have this button?
This fic feel like Celestia is cursed by some vile godlike power to this hell. Playing Civ, but all these advisors, city populations are true peoples. And when you win and bring eternal peace, it's all restart so you can't live and look at happiness in your eternal paradise. Like Sisyphus, but far worse. Because it's not only about her, but also about millions of her citizens doomed with happy ending.

Celestia here is good goddess, that can't build fully good world, because if she, then she loses it.

Edit: Kinda curious, which Civilization it is? My favorite is fifth, but it feel more like 4th.

No one tell Celestia about that guy who's been playing the same game of Civ 2 for like 10 years. She'll feel REAL dumb she let this end.

I'm guessing she's doing the diplomatic (economic) victory with that amount of money.

Ok it is the diplomatic victory she's won. Now the real question is did she keep all those city-states as allies for hundreds of turns or did she just buy them all up at the last second.

Also 43 likes and no dislikes yet

P.S. : Shouldn't the title image be of Celestia's diplomatic screen and not Luna's?

But but... the "jut one.. more.. turn" option :raritycry:

Also this needs the sad tag

This really needs the sad tag. And dark. Because fuck, that hurt.

WHY!?! Why is it I can read all the sad tagged stories on this site, and shrug most of them off, yet this damn Civ crossover has me all emotional. I did not expect the feels. Not here, not now. This has way more weight to it than it really warrants. Dammit.

Props to the author though.

This version really needs savestates.

that is a shit ton of money.

Credit where it's due for a speed writing piece. Author lured me here, as someone who typically avoids crossovers, under the assumption it would be a short and funny piece about Celestia playing Civ instead of actually running her country. Instead, I got nothing I expected but really something I enjoy. I had noticed the conspicuous lack of a comedy tag, but brushed it off. Likewise a lack of slice of life or anything similar. That being said, and while this had me unexpectedly choked with feels... I'm not sure a sad tag quite fits it. It isn't sad really. Emotional and melancholic sure, but it doesn't feel right to call this sad. It's the bizarre feeling one gets when looking at a beautiful flower garden, realizing it will all die one day, and ultimately appreciating it more because of that. Thus story draws on our innate angst with the mortal coil; the knowledge that no matter how much we achieve in life and how great we may become, it all has to come to an end eventually. Time treats everything with the same respect in the end.

Maybe I'm spending too much of my limited time into a short My Little Pony Fanfic that was created in under 3 hours, though I feel it's little thought provoking things like this that have me appreciate day to day life a bit more.



gandhi would have nuked her ass by now

You're forgetting: Celestia is the Ghandi.

Celestia could see the morning twilight and the pre-dawn if she was playing Civ6. But of course she would be too busy chopping down the Everfree Forest.

A uniquely tragic take on what it is to be Celestia. Yes, there are some holes one could poke if one assumes that Civilization XII takes after earlier entries in the series, but this is incredibly poignant and impactful for a speedwriting piece. Thank you for it.

Wow it's a new point of view for strategy games.
She nurture it so much, she emphatize with the unit. Bravo!

This hurts, it hurts the same as when you lose your squad in Xcom towards the end of the game.:applecry:

It's a good thing she wasn't playing Dominions, but this was a really poignant piece that's for sure and worth the upvote.

This is surprisingly feels-y. Probably never gonna play Stellaris or other 4X games the same way again now. Gotta make the pops real people with feelings even though they are only 1s and 0s.

Damn... just, damn. I know technology is advancing at an alarming rate. I know that within 30 or so years this could be a reality. All I hope is that they add a continue to play option.

This was way better than it had any right to be. Take all my likes.

I want this to be the way the world ends. Nice, and quick...Wow I can be gloomy if I want to be.

*sniffs* oh man, the feels! Right in the feels! Well written indeed!
Any possibility of more?

And so the world ends. Not with a bang, but end of game.

Well, it is halloween. Time for Horror Stories.



Well. That worked.

This hit me right in the feels :raritycry:

I'm Surprised that you didn't put the sad tag on this story

Y'know... At first I thought this would be a silly crackfic... Maybe about Celestia buying a computer and trying futilely to play Civ despite her centuries of governing experience.

I am glad I was wrong.

This was . . surprisingly dark somehow O.o

Interesting little detail is how Celestia can't taste the tea. I guess all other "pleasurable" experiences are deliberately disabled to avoid players forgetting it's just a game and staying. Didn't work here obviously.


She also can't feel Twilight's touch, and needs to check visually to see if she's spilled hot tea on herself. All the tactile sensations are disabled -- beyond the absolute minimum required for walking.

Now she just needs to be introduced to Stellaris: she'll never sleep again.


Dear Princess Celestia,

Today, my friends and I learned a valuable lesson about friendship and about the Unrestricted Wars civic policy. While the freedom to attack empires that are inhibiting your territory growth seems tempting at first, Liberation Wars followed by research agreements ultimately provide greater long-term benefit to your empire!

Your faithful hero unit,

Twilight Sparkle

I just noticed "Complete" mark.
I feel this idea deserve more, that it may be really expanded. It may be, I don't know, about origin of Celestia's "game", some showing of relations between Celestia and Luna.
For real long shot it can be appearing of salvation of Celestia in form of... second true player.
But this is still really good.


Now I wish there were more Stellaris stories on here. Twilight leading a future Equestria through the Space Age seems like an amazing idea for a short story. Maybe something like this where she's effectively won the game, facing against the Unbidden and deliberately forcing a stalemate, keeping a tiny empire on the edge of Unbidden territory alive so she can't win a Domination victory.

Being a new Civ player, no doubt I’m gonna cry when my game is over.

Always figured she'd be more an Age of Wonders player than Civ, but yeah. This is how this kind of thing goes sometimes.

Oh man... :twilightoops::ajsleepy:

In my opinion, a good Halloween story for Civ players who are also MLP fans.

That ending... :pinkiesad2:

Holy fricking jeez, I got way more than I asked for; I didn't expect any of this.

Oh my goodness, well done, curse you, I'm going to go huddle in a blanket now.

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