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The following transcripts are of a journal found in Ponyville on April 16th of this year. The last recorded contact with the town had been 3 days prior, on the 13th, when a team under orders from Princess Celestia was sent to look into several missing pony reports in the area. When another group of investigators were sent on the 16th, the town was found deserted. The journal’s owner is believed to be the princess’s personal student, Twilight Sparkle. None of the town’s inhabitants have been located in the weeks since.

Nimbus Productions
Scribbler Productions

I highly recommend both of them.

A print version of all the stories in this series can be found here. (There is currently a printing error I am working to correct. This will be available again soon.)

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... I'm quite confused, but that was beautiful writing.

The writing is awesome, but the vertical bar usage and butchering of capitalization in the title might turn people away from it.

Just a little thought, good fic though!


To better enjoy this fanfic, you'll need ultraviolet light.

If you know what I mean :raritywink:

*Looks down*

Welp! I need new change of pants now.

THIS IS BRILLIANT :pinkiehappy:

Beautifully written and perfectly dark. All else failed...

Whoa, thats kay... sleeps for pussys anyway

You should've saved this for October, because this'd be a strong entry for any sort of horror contest. :rainbowderp:

I'm confused...were those little 'secret notes' written in by Fluttershy? Or was Twilight cracking up far more than it seemed? Also, it would be nice to see a second chapter which contains the events written in the buried ledger from Sweet Apple Acres. It should be recoverable, right?

I'm confused yet flowed :rainbowdetermined2:

Wow. This is amazing!


I agree with Scruce about the title, I usually would ignore any story with a title like that. I gave it a chance as you wrote a good summary and the story was marked complete. If there was some message or artistic purpose for the title being the way it is, I don't see it. :applejackunsure:
As for the story, an enjoyable read. The observations on the writing style and page conditions were clear enough without breaking the flow of the story. I'm torn between agreeing with wanting to see the Apple Acres ledger for another view of this world, or hoping it stays as is with the fact that we never really know what happened adding a nice ammount of horror to the story.

...Unless they gave into maddness and canibilism up there on the farm. :pinkiecrazy:

whats up with the broken links to google docs?

Pretty awesome! The whole journal concept was very Lovecraftian!

Suggestion: Make the notes written by the discoverer italicised. It makes for easier reading, as the reader can easily distinguish what's written by Twilight and what's been added.

Oh my god. Mabye noone else got this story but I did. You just have to renmber the other stuff she read about. Anyway these are like weeping angels. Its really good writing. Godspeed and goodluck. Also those secret notes are Pinkies Pies. You need to renmber. Pinkie Pie got the invisible ink. The shadows were the creatures Twilight read about. The whispers were what they do to get ponys to blink and die. Go insane. Die. So just need to back track. So now you know! :D Godspeed.

Very nice. Have you read "White" by Tim Lebbon? It reminds me of this strongly.

So, what? I am left sorely confused by this fic, and hope there will be another chapter (after all, she did mention where-abouts they could find another book). All I can say for sure is that, in her place, I would have burnt the library down with myself inside rather than step into the dark. After all, it's a giant thing made of wood, she has plenty of lantersn full of oil. The place should go up nicely.

I didn't feel like sleeping tonight anyways.

Very, very chilling. A couple spelling mistakes here and there, but nothing too substantial (damn my Grammar Nazi-ness). I'll definately be keeping an eye on you in the future.


Oh wow, comments. Didn't really expect those.

(in response to the title)
The title has a purpose, and it's supposed to be a key to finding other things. I'll leave it a mystery for now. Maybe drop a hint in a week if no one has figured it out.

(in response to the hidden things)
Yay, people found them. Now you have to find the other ones.

(in response to not sleeping)
Oh? Then maybe you'll enjoy hearing what I listened to with my eyes closed for 3-5 minutes while writing April 14th.
For maximum enjoyment, close your eyes before clicking the link.

(in response to a sequel or other chapter)
I left this complete because it's the vision I had while writing it. I do have things in mind for the possibility of writing about the ledger, or some other things related to what's going on, but for now those aren't really what I plan to do. Consider it complete, but there's always a chance, right?

Unfortunately, I have not.

I will take a look at doing that.

Are you still having the issue? I apologize cause I kind of made the drawings in GDocs, and they showed before I submitted it. I'm getting them uploaded to an image hosting site to replace the old links.


What? It was good, but what?

It's fixed now. It makes more sense to me.


Good to know, and thanks for mentioning the problem.

So, uh, what exactly happened?



You should look into that anger, I'm sure there's a pony for that. Also, late is the perfect time to read this.

496315 ya im seeing one about that right now uhg i just lost my smiley face for the day

:derpyderp2: kay. this is very good. Kinda reminds me of the vanishing on 7th st.:pinkiesad2: really good movie you should watch it.


Yes he should definitely do that. It would provide alot more insight to the story and help with identifying clues in the original journal.


Sometimes what you never learn is the most frightening thing you know. Also, I'm busy changing some things with the story, hosting it in web format, putting in different puzzle formats and rewards, and overall getting it EqD-ready. Soooo, maybe a page from said mentioned journal would appear if you're skilled enough... or someone else gives you the answer, which I hope no one does.

I enjoyed this a lot. Wonderful writing, the way of stylizing it like a journal was excellent. One of the scarier fanfics I've read.
I can't seem to find the secrets, though, and I read the story twice. Can anyone give me a hint?

Oh all holy hell
Didn't need to sleep anyhow ever again
Nothing is scarier


Ho man, that invisible ink idea is spectacular! I'm really impressed by that. I actually had to think and decipher what's happening in this story, because everything's written so vaguely. I don't think I've managed to grasp everything, but it'll be fun searching for these missing bits. Some parts of the journal were a little bit boring and draggy though, but I liked it as a whole.


I'm glad you enjoyed it, and yeah, it does take a bit to build up. Even after it has, there's not much action involved with it. If I ever get around to it, I had planned to expand and change things a bit to make it more interactive as a whole, but that may take forever with my track record.

I just got done rereading this for Halloween, and it is just as terrifying as the first time I read it. Is there by any chance the possibility of a sequel, perhaps with that book from Sweet Apple Acres? The story is so excellent, and the unresolved mystery of the stuff that happened at Sweet Apple Acres is killing me. I need to read more!

Great... this was very entertaining to read, but now I'm forced to try and decipher some hidden thing which involves the title, secret notes and oddly capitalized letters.


Don't waste your time with it. It's a really badly thought out set of puzzles that take too much time for a small return (that's my afterthought kicking in, by the way).

1570073 And if part of the reason I want to decipher it is because I like puzzles?

(before I understood the ink)
Not scary, just...unsettling
(after I understood the ink)
Oh my fucking god they're everywhere!

Good day to you, you sick twisted man

My final reaction to this story:

I am completely and utterly freaked out, and I don't even know what just happened. Well done.

...yeah, I'm going to go hide in the corner now...with a floodlight and a teddy bear :raritydespair:

But yeah, that was actually pretty creepy. And the invisible ink? Genius! I didn't catch it at first and when I did it creeped me out even more. I would very much like to know what happened at Sweet Apple Acres though, ESPECIALLY after what Twi said about the book.

I went looking for that invisible ink the first time, looked in all the wrong spots with highlighting, and didn't find it until someone confirmed my suspicions in comments and I thought to switch Fimfiction's lighting scheme. I'm still not sure who they turned inside the library, as has been pointed out, Pinkie was the one who bought the ink, but Fluttershy showed more outward signs of follow through. Both were engaged in suspect behaviour by the end, and both went willingly. I did manage to connect the dream sequence to the order of dissapearence, that was nice. What I'm really curious about is those odd capitalizations, I'll try a few more of my standard bag of tricks before I call it a day, but I do really want to know.

Beautifully done.The format, the writing, the level of immersion, engagement and most of all the atmosphere were played to perfection.

Edit: Shortly after posting I came around to the viewpoint that it was Fluttershy.

I would like this story, because I love disturbing dark little stories like this...
But. I like ponies too much. I don't like dark stories in this medium.:fluttershysad:
This is a very well made story. It was well written in it's context. It was chilling. It was a mystery. The invisible ink was clever.
But I am sad now for the ponies. Except the main six and Derpy, they deserved to die.
Ahem, I mean, great story. You have done well. And I, for the record, haven't got a clue what the capitalised text is supposed to mean, joining what I believe is everyone else here. Good day.

Words cannot describe the horror this is evoking. So I shall instead play one of the creepiest movie themes ever written for horror:

Good luck sleeping tonight, kids!

Wow; what a damnably good read. I didn't spot the first secrets 'til the comments, but I can't help but enjoy all the speculating down here about it. Brilliant that the SA featured this, it's veryd deserving.

All the comments trying to make sense of it dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/yay_red.png , isn't that a good show for the fear endemic to this fic? Trying to understand, to take away the 'un' from unknown, but I'm not sure it gets to work that way.

The darkness is always more encompassing, and half the darkness is the darkness within, isn't it? The instant I saw the captilized text I thought there must be something to it, but I'm not one to be able to decipher anything like that.

Properly dark, this, like few other fics I've seen here. Too many 'horrors' go in for startlement or depravity, but this did neither, and is all the better for it.

Real horror never needs a scream when it has a whisper, never a howling beast when a chill breeze can carress you so much more intimately. Never more violent than the extinguishing of a fleeting light in the darkness. (Sorry. I couldn't resist :trollestia:)

If there were to be a follow on; I'd imagine it to be from the perspective of Celestia herself, and what comes after.

In a word?


Possibly the most frightening thing I have ever read since Steven King's Misery.

Now I'm off to hide under my bed, surrounded by landmines and floodlights.

Puzzles? And I thought I had to do homework! Hah, that's not happening anymore.

Edit: Now I'm going crazy for that hint that might have come a week later from 29 weeks ago.

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