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Twilight had no idea of where the door had come from. It was there, and that was a fact. When it was there, at least, which wasn't always the case. But she would find out what was behind it sooner or later. It was just a matter of time. The door was always there, after all.

Audio reading by ObabScribbler.

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Bookworm #1 · Nov 1st, 2019 · · · W ·

The title is fitting.
It's The door.

Curious. Repressed memories? Temporal shenanigans? Ghost door? A most enigmatic tale. Not at all sure what to make of it.

What a fragile thing, the mind is. The scars of experiences long past pop up to trouble one’s future self. Very interesting read.

Transition to Twilight as a kid here is well done. Subtle and slow.

This was a most interesting read, a nice ride.
And... brilliant horror.

A horror story that actually had me shiver, and not just be mildly uncomfortable. Nice.

Goffee #7 · Apr 20th, 2020 · · · o ·


I don't know if this was your intention, but I could relate to this story, as a person with panic attack disorder.To me, this door felt like a lingering panic attack.You are always afraid you will have one.And even if you don't, the sensation is always there.Taunting you with"what ifs"

Such an interesting, enigmatic read! Really enjoyed this.
So I assume Twilight had stumbled upon someone's veritable Murder Shed at some point in her youth? And obviously those memories were traumatic and haunted her. That, or the door really is A Thing.

Getting slight Foundation vibes. Very intrigued.

I get to this chapter, and receive an advertisement from Google about pivot doors. Cookies on the internet are powerful!

That aside, I always found it silly if characters were too afraid of seeming crazy to open up and tell people what was going on. If someone cares enough about you, regardless of whether or not they think you're crazy they'll do everything in their power to try to make you feel as safe as possible.
Spike certainly would, and maybe even contact Princess Celestia. But, no, Twilight none of your lessons in friendship taught you about BEING HONEST.

As short as each chapter is, I am really enjoying this.

This chapter sort of reminds me of living with a mental illness and being unable to express yourself... but one day things are going too well, and you feel odd because your mental illness is not flaring up. Things are too normal, and it's a little unnerving like you lost a part of what defines you.
For me personally I relate it to my anxiety attacks when even nothing seems to be happening and life is normal all around me.

Maybe I'm being too analytical?

Is it she was dealing with Trauma? Her mind tried to erase it but it kept bugging her as she grew up and she hallucinated it until she could finally face it? Or was she just feeling like a child during that moment and then after witnessing the horror was back to normal? Or something else?
I so very much enjoyed this story.

so...from what i can gather in the comments, filly!twilight saw something through an open door that scarred her for life, and now she's remembering faint glimpses of her past that continue to haunt her.

Honesty is the best policy, but not always the best move.
Equestria, first and foremost, is a world of magic. If something is proclaimed there, it would firstly show up in magical signatures, or the blocking thereof. A normal-yet-supernatural door, however? It's either paranoia or a curse, in both cases blasting a scanning spell is the best course of action. Not to mention this is Twilight; she's literally the one everyone else would contact in case of things like this. Plus, Twilight had pretty much bought into the idea of the Door playing a game with her. She wouldn't give it the satisfaction of having someone else knowing of its existence.

KvAT #16 · Sep 27th, 2022 · · · e ·

Fear is tiresome. At some point you will run out of it.

Eh, you can see it that way, but this is a horror story, not an introspective or analogous one.

Holy shit this story turned amazing. Last few chapters made me shiver.
That was just... holy crap. Wow.

This built really well and having the end not be a total reveal but only a vague hint fit the horror nicely.
I'm usually not a fan of the bite-sized chapter style, but it was used very well here with all the small but separate events serving to give a solid sense of the passage of time.
But my favorite bit was how the end had me recontextualize my view of the rest of the story, changing what I thought was supernatural horror to psychological horror.

This was excellent, thank you for writing it:twilightsmile:

I think discord might be behind this, is that the twist?

Looks like nopony ever shared it here, Scribbler made a reading from this fic:

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