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This story is a sequel to Princess Luna is dead. Again.

He really should have known better. Saying that he didn't like Princess Luna, even if she could no longer hear him, would have probably lost him the sympathy of many ponies in Canterlot, and it had been perhaps a rash decision for an expert diplomat like him. Still, the damage would not have been irreparable. But how was he supposed to know that she was still alive? Clearly, jumping out of the window had been the only logical course of action after that.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 40 )

Please keep this going! Its hilarious!

That's one of the most Blueblood stories I've ever read. I loved it.

His reward is his karmic punishment...

I laughed. That was an amazing follow up.

This was delightful

XD I love this so much XD Blueblood, that's what you get for not liking Woona

Was expecting the punchline to be that nobody'd heard him, so Luna woke up thinking that he'd jumped because she'd died, having decided he couldn't possibly live in a world without her.

Cue romantic comedy.

Hey, HEY.


....Dafuq was that ending? :pinkiecrazy: :twilightoops:

Movie of life from a single ground floor jump? Seriously, Prince. Get your shit together. :)

...Aaaaand let the clop begin! :)

Blueblood, even RARITY says you're too dramatic for her.

I love the fact that this Blueblood has the ability to look back and analyze the entirety of his life and the choices he’s made in the span of a short hop.

I could basically hear Miss Scribbler, complete with her comedic timing. And yeah, in my head Obabscribbler is the narrator for comedy stories.


Although now I'm reminded, there's at least one fic where Blueblood is the Bruce Wayne to Equestria's Batman... it's an origin story!


Wait what :rainbowderp:

Blueblood as Luna's student? Brilliant, would love to see more!

He was referred to as Vladímir in a story published on a French magazine:
It's up for debate whether or not that's canon.

The time it took for the first chapter with his mind racing through and considering his entire fate and karmic situation ended up being 747 words.

"Wait, what?"

The two disappeared in a flash of magic.

The time it took between these two moments should be worth AT LEAST a few thousand....:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

Well, he is one hell of a fast thinker, even if he jumped (i am not sorry) to the wrong conclusions. If he actualy gets educated by Luna, he might become an important asset to the Equestria.

pff relax celestia only has fun dungeons in the castle, (except for the unfun one) but what are the odds they'll start in the unfungeon?

Ah, good o'l fungeon.

This has SO much more potential that it seems a waste to mark it as Complete.

it's always best to not try to go too far, otherwise you just end up writing for the sake of writing.
Especially if the writer is well known for short stories.
We can always get sequels later, or not, it's always better than having a half assed project.

This reminds me of something I read in school, a short story about a man who was being executed by hanging and he dreams about escaping in the single second before his neck snaps.

If this had higher humor density, it would collapse in on itself and form a pink hole. Brilliant work. Thank you for it.

Sounds like if he wants those wings, he's going to have to earn them. The dungeons bring to mind video games and grinding to level up. I hope he's ready. MWAHAHAHAHAH!

Then after trillions of years of laughter that pink hole collapses into a pink pie.

That was absolutely hilarious. A great follow up for the comic.

Which wasn't really much of a fall. The room he'd jumped out of was on the ground floor, so it was actually more like a small and harmless jump.

Sighing in relief, Blueblood decided to become a fugitive. He promptly tripped on pebble and proceeded to faceplant in a puddle of mud.

Because reasons.

And that's how Pinkie Pie was made!

Blue Blood Just got redeemed.

This reminds me of the Doctor's jump in Heaven Sent.

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