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This story is a sequel to Chrysalis Goes to Therapy

After her therapist had suggested her to do so, and mostly because she'd paid for the session, Chrysalis decided to organize a family reunion and invite her parents to it, so she could have a chance to finally talk with them after all the time they'd been separated.

Of course, there were a series of minor inconveniences. Like the fact that her mother was a tree living in a swam. Or the fact that her father didn't know about the fact that she was his daughter. Or how he would have never followed an invitation to the swamp, and would have probably attacked her if she'd tried to approach him directly.

Nothing that couldn't be solved by some tried and tested changeling persuasion, though. Ponies usually referred to it as 'abduction'.

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Would be nice if they brought something like this up in cartoon also bring back some classic changelings. Everyone knows classic changelings are beat changelings. I give this four hooves up with buzzing changeling wings as bonus since included chrysalis origins in comics.

Wanderer D

Haha, this is awesome. Just the other day I was thinking, "Wait, she is Starswirl's blood, technically... glad to see something like this pop out so soon after.

You know what. I'm starting to think Chrysalis has just been in her Terrible Two(thousand)s all along.

I want Chysalis’ origins so much too. I mean I want to see if the tree of harmony is corrupting everything with its magic.


I want to see if the tree of harmony is corrupting everything with its magic.

What you just does not make any amount of sense considering the fact that it is a magical force of good and only good and we have never ever seen anything in the series that shows the tree is capable of dark magic or corrupting things.

You absolutely sure?

Because Gallus could have died that one time. And that would be on the tree.

I don't think even the pillars could anticipate the tree being sapient.

This feels like the beginning of SKYNET.

Been a while since I last watched a season 8 episode. I am going to catch up soon just need to wait until my exams are over but I know a few details about the episode

I really don't think that part of the tree with Gallus counts. It was after all a test and in turn an illusion so there was no chance of him actually being killed because if something in the illusion got to Gallus it would just disappear and turn to something else to test him.

Yeah, I mean we don't know about origins of changelings other than in comics and not everything in comics is often canon. Still don't even know who spikes parents are

Imagine the look on Twilight's face if/when she finds out about this.

That’s the point. It knows only good and what would happen if it decided to get rid of evil by robbing all of Equestria’s freedom?

What you just said still does not make any kind of sense. I seriously doubt that the tree would do something like that because it would be extremely contradictory of what the tree came from and what it was made for. Not to mention it was made by the different personalities by the Pillars of Equestria not to mention it might also have imprinted the personality traits of the Mane Six.

Okay... I’ll try to make an example. Let’s say that you created a perfect A.I. program; it evolves, it learns, and sees good and evil but as it evolves, so does its purpose. The tree was made to protect Equestria and it made from powerful magic that performs miracles. What would happen if that powerful magic gave it an actual soul, it’s alive and has its own mind. What would happen if it’s purpose to protect Equestria constantly fails despite its power and destroy its purpose and make its own destiny. To protect Equestria forever, freedoms of all creatures must be sacrifice and the creators and wielders become its enforcers. I think it would make a epic season 9 finale, destroy the tree for the freedoms or allow the tree to destroy the freedom of all. I got it from Justice League episode with the Justice Lords.

I know what you were going for in the previous comments. But they still don’t make any sense and I seriously doubt that what you are going for will happen. Ever. The reason being is because the tree has shown us that it understands friendship in What Lies Beaneath in a way that pretty shows that what you are saying could happen will not happen.

Lame... and shows of this year and next will be cliques.

So you want it to be a bland cliche that has been done to death?

"I'm still don't think that makes me your fa-"
"I will eat you if you refuse."
"I mean, of course I'll be your father, my dear!" Starswirl nervously exclaimed.
"Awesome!" Chrysalis cried out, tightly hugging Starswirl.

Awww, such an loving family,,,

Let me sum up the factor that pretty much ends all arguments here...Main Six/ Pillars being linked to the tree of harmony in one way or another, does not negate corruption of values why? Because ultimately they themselves have more often than not have acted selfishly to justify themselves as heroes, if anyone remembers the wedding incident there was no way you could not notice the fakers behavior while disguised as Cadance. Ergo, they all turned a willful blind eye to this and it cost everyone big.

We see this repeated in the Seaquestria visit during the Movie, slightly different variables same principle, you ignore problems and they will kill you. Now as what this has to do with the tree and the argument in general is simple, the bearers and the pillars are completely incapable of realizing that a situation is not entirely about them, and often focus on their own selfish desires getting to carried away in the process. Ergo the most Important point for the tree not going rouge is gone because it's entire existence is based on doing good take that ability away and what happens then?

Go on reply I know you want to...


Wait...does that mean that the Tree of Harmony is (probably) Chryssie's aunt? :twilightoops:

Wouldn't sister in law be more appropriate?

Well, I was considering that the two trees would be sisters....

There should be a continuation of this as one of those day time talk shows like Jerry Springer and Maury or what ever. "Starswirl you... are the father!"

Luna’s reaction is one of the most sensible I have come across.

I wouldn't mind seeing where this goes.

Starswirl silently mouthed the words 'save me', but he was too out of breath from carrying his daughter around like she was a little filly and nopony heard him.

Really, someone should draw this:rainbowlaugh:

Is scaredorable a word? Because it should be a word describing the final scene.

You know I want a serious fic about this concept with starlight being a direct granddaughter of starswirl for extra drama. So technically Chrissy and starlight would be related.

Hilarious work, though it doesn't quite feel like a complete story in and of itself. Yes, I've read the prequels, but this still doesn't feel substantial enough on its own; it's a scene, not a story.

Mind you, when the harshest criticism I can offer is "There's not enough of this good thing," you still did a good job. :derpytongue2:


9272324 9269934

Starswirl looked up. A large, bug-like creature was crawling on the ceiling. Her body was mostly black in colour, except for the green-blue of her back and of her tattered mane and tail. Her wings and limbs appeared equally damaged, with large holes all over them, and her horn was twisted and curved. A crown sat on her head, as twisted as the rest of her, what had once been a beautiful jewel now bent and reshaped by the creature's dark magic. She turned her head towards him, a sickening noise coming from her neck as she executed the unnatural motion, and Starswirl got a good look at her piercing green eyes and at the sharp fangs inside her maws.

"I'm your daughter," Chrysalis replied, descending towards him, her head remaining still while her body rotated, "my name is Chrysalis.

After reading those lines this scene here pops into my head:

Your stories are the new blood to the weakening and decaying body of comedies.

Pretty good. I feel like it could have used another scene or just made the ending scene longer, it doesn't quite feel whole but what we've got amused.

Is that image from one of the comics, and which one?

Yeah the last two feel kind of incomplete ... Good stories sure ... But I agree this feels like it's missing something.

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